Brooklynn (S/F)

Brooklynn on her way to Camp Cretaceous

Brooklynn is thirteen years old, and one of the six campers attending Camp Cretaceous at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar . She runs the most popular travel and lifestyle blog on social media, with her followers being referred to as ‘Brooklanders’. Due to her large following, Brooklynn was invited to Camp Cretaceous in order to document and post her experiences for her viewership, and to derive publicity for the camp.

Brooklynn meets the other campers

Brooklynn would arrive on Isla Nublar via the Ferry Landing along with the other campers, and be greeted by Dave and Roxie. After initial introductions, the campers are driven to Camp Cretaceous by their co-counselors, only stopping briefly as the counselors attempt to recapture an escaped Compsognathus. Reaching the camp, they are given a brief overview of the camp rules, before they get a chance to unpack. That night, all of the campers, including Brooklynn, get a chance to ride a zipline over the dinosaur herd in Gyrosphere Valley.

Brooklynn would later sneak out with Darius and Kenji Kon to what they assumed was the Compsognathus enclosure. As they managed to get onto the installation, Kenji and Brooklynn fight over the phone, resulring in it’s falling into the enclosure. Brooklynn attempts to warn Kenji that it is not the Compy pen, and attempts to open the enclosure after the Velociraptors attack the other children. After Dave and Roxie rescue the boys, Brooklynn’s account contradicts theirs, so they are warned they will be punished if there is another incident.

Brooklynn films Bumpy’s birth

The next day, the children are taken on a tour of the Field Genetics Labs, where they are introduced to Dr. Henry Wu. Dr. Wu  initially prevents Brooklynn from recording in the lab. However, Brooklynn plays on Wu’s insecurity over being in the shadow of Masrani and Hammond to convince him to allow it. Brooklynn conducts an interview of Wu as he introduces himself for her blog and shows her around the lab. Although told that Wu’s office is private, Brooklynn attempts to sneak into it, but runs into Sammy.

She manages to sneak in to attempt to record the contents of his lab. While doing so, she finds that he has kept his computer unlocked, and pores over his files. Upon clicking classified, it sets off an alarm, and the computer shuts down. However, she finds a flash drive and documents referring to the ‘Indominus Rex’, before she is forced to leave after Wu discovers her. Wu forces the rest of the group to leave after this incident. The group return back to the camp for the night, after picking up Darius and Kenji. That night, she is among the group listening to campfire stories, before rain forces them inside.

The next morning, the Campers are taken to Gyrosphere Valley, to help the park personnel lead the herd to their grazing pens. Brooklynn is paired up with Darius in her Gyrosphere, although is too distracted initially by the loss of her social media followers to engage in conversation with him. Initially planning to stay put, Brooklynn is persuaded by Darius to assist in herding a lone Sinoceratops back to it’s enclosure. The lack of coordination from the other campers results in the Sinoceratops sending Darius and Brooklynn’s gyrosphere into the thick of the herd, disrupting the entire herd and causing a stampede.

Brooklynn and Darius as their Gyrosphere sinks

Darius and Brooklynn are separated from the group, and they encounter the lone Sinoceratops. They exit the Gyrosphere briefly to attempt to approach it, but quickly run back in, just before they are attacked. They quickly become trapped in a sinkhole, slowly sinking as the group discover them. Just as it appears that they will drown, The group then manages to attach a vine through a hole in the gyrosphere to the Sinoceratops, using it’s weight to help pull the vehicle free. The campers are immediately greeted by Dave and Roxie, who proceed to admonish them for their actions and the danger they were in. That night,  Brooklynn is editing her video from the day for the blog, and she discovers she has captured footage of Sammy secretly taking a sample from the Sinoceratops.

The next morning, the counselors leave the children alone, as they attempt to contact Claire Dearing. As the campers settle into waiting, Brooklynn confronts the group and accuses Sammy of stealing her phone, but Yasmina steps in to defend her. The group is distracted by the sound of an approaching dinosaur, and they decide to head to the observation tower to try to determine where the roar is coming from. The campers successfully break into the tower, as Brooklynn uses a hair pin to pick the lock, and climb it, seemingly relieved to see the noise is only a Brachiosaurus feeding.

Brooklynn on the zipline

Just then, two employees emerge from the jungle and alert the children to come down. Initially refusing, the kids watch horrified as the Indominus Rex ambushes and kills the two men. As the hybrid attacks the tower, the group attempts to use the zip line to escape, although the emergency brake trips, leaving some of the group stranded in the center. The Indominus succeeds in knocking down the first tower, along with the line, sending the campers, Brooklynn included, falling down to earth. The campers awaken after being briefly disoriented, and make a run for the camp, only to find that it has been destroyed.  Brooklynn publicly confronts and accuses Sammy again in front of the group, demanding her phone back, and revealing her earlier incursions into the park security. After some deliberation and bickering, the group decides to head towards the main area of the park to seek assistance. The group continue walking, with the new objective to go to the Field Genetics Lab to seek shelter.

Brooklynn calls out Sammy over the stolen phone

As the group continued towards its destination, Brooklynn would continue to accuse Sammy of stealing her phone. The group would then find a van and decide to use it to reach the lab, but are attacked by the Indominus soon afterward. They manage to evade it using the van, eventually finding, and seeking shelter in the Field Genetics Lab. They encounter Eddie, a scientist who was left behind, but he very shortly attempts to steal their van to escape. The van is quickly totaled by the Indominus Rex, and the group is forced to hide briefly among shipping containers as they are stalked by the creature. After a tense few moments of evading the creature, the group makes it back to the van where they escape. However, the van crashes shortly afterwards, due to Brooklynn calling everyone’s attention to the fact it was Sammy who stole her phone.

After the group recovers from the crash, they witness witness Masrani’s helicopter chasing the Indominus, before it breaks open the Aviary. The pteranadons are released, crashing the helicopter, and proceed to pursue the group. The children run to the safety of the Kayak River, as they decide to attempt to row to safety. The campers then encounter a cave lit by bioluminescent bacteria, and a large waterfall. Brooklynn tries to deflect the blame for their situation on Sammy, however, Kenji responds that their situation might have been the same regardless. They are interrupted by Parasaurolophus who have become agitated by Bumpy’s cries before abruptly fleeing. The group is then sucked into a side tunnel due to a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaur Lagoon. The Mosasaur begins circling them, even as the kids row furiously towards safety.

Brooklynn makes amends with Sammy

The Mosasaur begins circling them, and so the campers make for the safety of the spectator stands. Kenji and Brooklynn make it to the safety ladder, although the rest of the group are still too far away. Brooklynn would watch as Yasmina creates a distraction so that Ben is safely able to get to the safety of the platform, even as Kenji rescued her shortly after with the feeder controls. The campers recoup on the stands, with Brooklynn mending fences with Sammy over the theft of the phone, even as they hear the sound of a siren alerting any remaining survivors about an evacuation.

As the group hears the sirens, they attempt to reach the evacuation ferry which departs in two hours, and thus decide to use the Monorail to reach it. As they approach the Monorail, they are intercepted by the Carnotaurus, who gives chase to them. The campers, including Brooklynn, make it into the safety of the platform in time, just as the Carnotaurus reaches the top. However, it’s weight is too much to support the stairs, and it crashes through to the floor below.

The group celebrates as they believe their rescue and evacuation is imminent, as the Monorail continues towards the South Docks. The campers discuss what they want to do once they are rescued, and then toast to surviving the events of the day. However, after their mood is soured once they hear a distant explosion, as the group is unsure if they will ever see each other again after rescue, and they realize they are not out of danger yet, which is proven correct as Pteranadons begin attacking the plane.

Brooklynn assists the group in helping to try to knock the lights out to prevent an attack, and later uses her flashlights to distract the attacking pteranadons to allow Ben to re-route the train to stop it from crashing. She witnesses Ben falling from the train, but is powerless to stop it along with most of the survivors. Shortly after, she along with the rest of the group, jump off the train as they land in the jungle. The group decides to utilize the maintenance tunnels to get to the docks, as they will not make it otherwise.

Brooklynn finds a dinosaur prod, which she gives to Yaz for use as a walking stick as she was injured in the fall. The group encounters some roadblocks, and a group of Compys, before they are ambushed by the Carnotaurus again. The group manages to evade the Carnotaurus for a short while, until they reach a sealed off portion of the tunnel which was previously the exit. They decide to open the nearby crates, and attempt to attack the Carnotaurus.

Brooklynn and the campers lament missing the boat

However, the animal charges the cart containing the compressed air tanks they planned to ambush it with, sending the tanks flying everywhere, and causing a fire to start. The Carnotaur proceeds to attack the group, as they narrowly evade it in the confined space. Eventually, they manage to create an explosion that severely wounds the animal. As the group stumbles out of the wreckage, they are stunned to see that the Carnotaurus has also survived, although it is heavily scarred. The animal decides to leave to heal from its injuries rather then attempt a confrontation. Just then, the campers realize that the explosion created an exit passageway, only to find that Jurassic World has been evacuated.