Brooklynn (S/F)

Brooklynn on her way to Camp Cretaceous

Brooklynn is thirteen years old, and one of the six campers attending Camp Cretaceous at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar . She runs the most popular travel and lifestyle blog on social media, with her followers being referred to as ‘Brooklanders’. Due to her large following, Brooklynn was invited to Camp Cretaceous in order to document and post her experiences for her viewership, and to derive publicity for the camp.

Brooklynn meets the other campers

Brooklynn would arrive on Isla Nublar via the Ferry Landing along with the other campers, and be greeted by Dave and Roxie. After initial introductions, the campers are driven to Camp Cretaceous by their co-counselors, only stopping briefly as the counselors attempt to recapture an escaped Compsognathus. Reaching the camp, they are given a brief overview of the camp rules, before they get a chance to unpack. That night, all of the campers, including Brooklynn, get a chance to ride a zipline over the dinosaur herd in Gyrosphere Valley.

Brooklynn would later sneak out with Darius and Kenji Kon to what they assumed was the Compsognathus enclosure. As they managed to get onto the installation, Kenji and Brooklynn fight over the phone, resulring in it’s falling into the enclosure. Brooklynn attempts to warn Kenji that it is not the Compy pen, and attempts to open the enclosure after the Velociraptors attack the other children. After Dave and Roxie rescue the boys, Brooklynn’s account contradicts theirs, so they are warned they will be punished if there is another incident.

Brooklynn films Bumpy’s birth

The next day, the children are taken on a tour of the Field Genetics Labs, where they are introduced to Dr. Henry Wu. Dr. Wu  initially prevents Brooklynn from recording in the lab. However, Brooklynn plays on Wu’s insecurity over being in the shadow of Masrani and Hammond to convince him to allow it. Brooklynn conducts an interview of Wu as he introduces himself for her blog and shows her around the lab. Although told that Wu’s office is private, Brooklynn attempts to sneak into it, but runs into Sammy.

She manages to sneak in to attempt to record the contents of his lab. While doing so, she finds that he has kept his computer unlocked, and pores over his files. Upon clicking classified, it sets off an alarm, and the computer shuts down. However, she finds a flash drive and documents referring to the ‘Indominus Rex’, before she is forced to leave after Wu discovers her. Wu forces the rest of the group to leave after this incident. The group return back to the camp for the night, after picking up Darius and Kenji. That night, she is among the group listening to campfire stories, before rain forces them inside.

The next morning, the Campers are taken to Gyrosphere Valley, to help the park personnel lead the herd to their grazing pens. Brooklynn is paired up with Darius in her Gyrosphere, although is too distracted initially by the loss of her social media followers to engage in conversation with him. Initially planning to stay put, Brooklynn is persuaded by Darius to assist in herding a lone Sinoceratops back to it’s enclosure. The lack of coordination from the other campers results in the Sinoceratops sending Darius and Brooklynn’s gyrosphere into the thick of the herd, disrupting the entire herd and causing a stampede.

Brooklynn and Darius as their Gyrosphere sinks

Darius and Brooklynn are separated from the group, and they encounter the lone Sinoceratops. They exit the Gyrosphere briefly to attempt to approach it, but quickly run back in, just before they are attacked. They quickly become trapped in a sinkhole, slowly sinking as the group discover them. Just as it appears that they will drown, The group then manages to attach a vine through a hole in the gyrosphere to the Sinoceratops, using it’s weight to help pull the vehicle free. The campers are immediately greeted by Dave and Roxie, who proceed to admonish them for their actions and the danger they were in. That night,  Brooklynn is editing her video from the day for the blog, and she discovers she has captured footage of Sammy secretly taking a sample from the Sinoceratops.

The next morning, the counselors leave the children alone, as they attempt to contact Claire Dearing. As the campers settle into waiting, Brooklynn confronts the group and accuses Sammy of stealing her phone, but Yasmina steps in to defend her. The group is distracted by the sound of an approaching dinosaur, and they decide to head to the observation tower to try to determine where the roar is coming from. The campers successfully break into the tower, as Brooklynn uses a hair pin to pick the lock, and climb it, seemingly relieved to see the noise is only a Brachiosaurus feeding.

Brooklynn on the zipline

Just then, two employees emerge from the jungle and alert the children to come down. Initially refusing, the kids watch horrified as the Indominus Rex ambushes and kills the two men. As the hybrid attacks the tower, the group attempts to use the zip line to escape, although the emergency brake trips, leaving some of the group stranded in the center. The Indominus succeeds in knocking down the first tower, along with the line, sending the campers, Brooklynn included, falling down to earth. The campers awaken after being briefly disoriented, and make a run for the camp, only to find that it has been destroyed.  Brooklynn publicly confronts and accuses Sammy again in front of the group, demanding her phone back, and revealing her earlier incursions into the park security. After some deliberation and bickering, the group decides to head towards the main area of the park to seek assistance. The group continue walking, with the new objective to go to the Field Genetics Lab to seek shelter.

Brooklynn calls out Sammy over the stolen phone

As the group continued towards its destination, Brooklynn would continue to accuse Sammy of stealing her phone. The group would then find a van and decide to use it to reach the lab, but are attacked by the Indominus soon afterward. They manage to evade it using the van, eventually finding, and seeking shelter in the Field Genetics Lab. They encounter Eddie, a scientist who was left behind, but he very shortly attempts to steal their van to escape. The van is quickly totaled by the Indominus Rex, and the group is forced to hide briefly among shipping containers as they are stalked by the creature. After a tense few moments of evading the creature, the group makes it back to the van where they escape. However, the van crashes shortly afterwards, due to Brooklynn calling everyone’s attention to the fact it was Sammy who stole her phone.

After the group recovers from the crash, they witness witness Masrani’s helicopter chasing the Indominus, before it breaks open the Aviary. The pteranadons are released, crashing the helicopter, and proceed to pursue the group. The children run to the safety of the Kayak River, as they decide to attempt to row to safety. The campers then encounter a cave lit by bioluminescent bacteria, and a large waterfall. Brooklynn tries to deflect the blame for their situation on Sammy, however, Kenji responds that their situation might have been the same regardless. They are interrupted by Parasaurolophus who have become agitated by Bumpy’s cries before abruptly fleeing. The group is then sucked into a side tunnel due to a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaur Lagoon. The Mosasaur begins circling them, even as the kids row furiously towards safety.

Brooklynn makes amends with Sammy

The Mosasaur begins circling them, and so the campers make for the safety of the spectator stands. Kenji and Brooklynn make it to the safety ladder, although the rest of the group are still too far away. Brooklynn would watch as Yasmina creates a distraction so that Ben is safely able to get to the safety of the platform, even as Kenji rescued her shortly after with the feeder controls. The campers recoup on the stands, with Brooklynn mending fences with Sammy over the theft of the phone, even as they hear the sound of a siren alerting any remaining survivors about an evacuation.

As the group hears the sirens, they attempt to reach the evacuation ferry which departs in two hours, and thus decide to use the Monorail to reach it. As they approach the Monorail, they are intercepted by the Carnotaurus, who gives chase to them. The campers, including Brooklynn, make it into the safety of the platform in time, just as the Carnotaurus reaches the top. However, it’s weight is too much to support the stairs, and it crashes through to the floor below.

The group celebrates as they believe their rescue and evacuation is imminent, as the Monorail continues towards the South Docks. The campers discuss what they want to do once they are rescued, and then toast to surviving the events of the day. However, after their mood is soured once they hear a distant explosion, as the group is unsure if they will ever see each other again after rescue, and they realize they are not out of danger yet, which is proven correct as Pteranadons begin attacking the plane.

Brooklynn assists the group in helping to try to knock the lights out to prevent an attack, and later uses her flashlights to distract the attacking pteranadons to allow Ben to re-route the train to stop it from crashing. She witnesses Ben falling from the train, but is powerless to stop it along with most of the survivors. Shortly after, she along with the rest of the group, jump off the train as they land in the jungle. The group decides to utilize the maintenance tunnels to get to the docks, as they will not make it otherwise.

Brooklynn finds a dinosaur prod, which she gives to Yaz for use as a walking stick as she was injured in the fall. The group encounters some roadblocks, and a group of Compys, before they are ambushed by the Carnotaurus again. The group manages to evade the Carnotaurus for a short while, until they reach a sealed off portion of the tunnel which was previously the exit. They decide to open the nearby crates, and attempt to attack the Carnotaurus.

Brooklynn and the campers lament missing the boat

However, the animal charges the cart containing the compressed air tanks they planned to ambush it with, sending the tanks flying everywhere, and causing a fire to start. The Carnotaur proceeds to attack the group, as they narrowly evade it in the confined space. Eventually, they manage to create an explosion that severely wounds the animal. As the group stumbles out of the wreckage, they are stunned to see that the Carnotaurus has also survived, although it is heavily scarred. The animal decides to leave to heal from its injuries rather then attempt a confrontation. Just then, the campers realize that the explosion created an exit passageway, only to find that Jurassic World has been evacuated.

A few days later, Brooklynn and the rest of the campers are pursued by a Parasaurolophus,  just before it is attacked and killed by a Tyrannosaurus rex.  Brooklynn would agree to go with Darius when he determines that the group should go to Main Street, perhaps attempting to find supplies there. The campers decide to try and find a place to eat and rest, as Yasmina is still injured. The campers arrive to find that Main Street has been abandoned and largely in ruins due to the fight between the Indominus and the Tyrannosaurus. Looking down at the broken fencing at the Mosaurus Lagoon, they deduce that it has been killed by the Mosasaurus.

The group sees Brooklyn’s Standee

Meanwhile Sammy brings up that there is a standee of Brooklynn on Main Street, which was used for marketing in Jurassic World. Kenji takes the moment to jokingly ask Brooklynn to autograph a phone charger on sale for him. The group quickly deduce there is no power, as the phones aren’t working. Meanwhile, Brooklynn manages to find a working camera to document the things she has seen.

As the group spreads out to find a possible distress beacon, Brooklynn begins to document herself and the campers searching on Main Street utilizing Kenji as a cameraman. After some time, the campers attempt to look for camoflauged items in hopes of finding the beacon. They find a broken pole, and determine it has been dragged off into the T-Rex Kingdom, quickly realizing that the Tyrannosaur is gathering them to make a nest.The Campers realize that the Rex has pulled the beacon in the center of its nest.

The campers despair, but Darius tries to figure out a solution. As the Tyrannosaur leaves to gather more supplies, .Yasmina and Brooklynn realize they need to stall the Rex to buy time even as it approaches the nest. Brooklynn stalls the Rex by distracting it while standing in the middle of the street. Sensing prey, the rex charges and smashes the Brooklynn standee, while the real Brooklynn records the attack from safety. Darius and the others activate the beacon and run for safety.

Darius suggests going to the ruins of Camp Cretaceous, as it does have amenities such as a fresh water stream, supplies to build a shelter, and it would be the first place rescuers would look. This is concluded after Brooklynn indicates that they’ve already crossed out the Mountains, Grassland, and the jungle as safe refuges because of the threat of dinosaurs. Once at the camp, Darius defers to Brooklynn for expertise in building a shelter, as she did a video about raising a barn.

While they prepare to head out, the group gather broken pieces of wood to defend themselves, as Darius and Sammy observe a stegosaurus plate on the floor. Brooklynn overhears a whirring sound which makes her ask the group if they hear anything, but nobody else hears the noise. As they come across the clinic, the children begin to gather supplies, and come across a treasure trove of canned food, even as Darius finds medical supplies.

The campers find the caged animals at the clinic

Hearing a roar, the campers discover that there are caged dinosaurs at the clinic, including a Sinoceratops. They realize that the place is a Veterinary clinic and decide to free the dinosaurs as they do not have food or water. They free a Sinoceratops, then Stegosaurus, and Parasaurolphus. Just then they realize that there is a caged Baryonyx, which is very aggressive upon their approach. Sammy and Darius are at disagreements over whether to free it or leave it. While they argue, Brooklynn hears the noise again but is ignored.

Howevever, before Darius and Sammy can resolve conflict over a trapped Baryonyx, Brooklynn asks them to run as the other two Baryonyx chase them. The campers hide as they witness the Chaos trying to free the other one, although they are quickly pursued by Limbo. Darius helps Brooklynn get to the top of a cage to seek shelter from the animal, even as it tries to climb up. Eventually, the campers manage to flee the Baryonyx, running back to the camp.

The campers run back to the camp, reuniting with Kenji and Yasmina, as they seek shelter in the trees to escape from the stampede. Darius has an idea of building a treehouse, and Yasmina creates a plan for it that the entire camp likes. As Brooklynn is gathering supplies, she hears the noise again, and attempts to investigate, seeing what appears to be a scattering of frozen flowers on the ground near them.

A few weeks later,the group has managed to make a functional shelter, with a working shower, which is safe from most predators. As Darius goes to get more water for Kenji’s shower, but calls the group over when he discovers the stream has apparently run dry. Sammy and Yasmina volunteer to go with Brooklynn to investigate a noise while the others investigate the stream.

The girls continue to investigate the noise, as Yasmina and Sammy talk about their school experiences. Brooklynn attempts to interject, but is not as successful, and so Yasmina attempts to include her in the conversation, although it is revealed that Brooklynn received a fully online education, and has not received much socialization. Before she can continue, they find the frozen flowers from earlier, as they discover that the flowers hide an underground vent.

Brooklynn questions what is powering the vent if there is no power. Sammy compares it to an episode of a TV show she has watched, which it turns out that Brooklynn is a big fan of, much to Yasmina’s bemusement. Sammy encourages all of them to investigate, and the group spreads out, as Yasmina hears a hum which they follow to a genetics laboratory, which the girls immediately enter.

Chaos stalking through the lab

They discover that the laboratory is apparently empty, although they are not alone, as a dinosaur is lurking in the shadows. They come across a piece of stale cake from earlier, even as they come across a photo of Eddie and Dr. Henry Wu. Brooklynn theorizes that Dr. Wu could’ve been working for Mantah Corp. As Brooklynn is upset about finding nothing, they are interrupted by a roar, as Two Baryonyx enter the building. Sammy whispers she named the animals Chaos, Grim, and Limbo. Meanwhile, Chaos closes in on their position, as it passes by them. As Brooklynn crawls away to escape, she finds an envelope, which she takes and finds a number ‘E750’ which she recognizes as being from Wu’s computer. The group is forced to flee as the Baryonx begin to pursue them, although they are too large to both chase after them in the narrow hallways and become stuck, allowing them to escape the building.

However, they are ambushed by Grim, but it chooses to respond to the roars of it’s pack, allowing the others to escape. Brooklynn is afraid she had lost the envelope, but Sammy reveals she found it. Opening the envelope, they discover some strange documents, before deciding to run back to camp after hearing a distant roar.

As the group reconnects back at the camp, they each inform the other group of their various successes in their objectives. The group decide to throw a party inside their nearby camp. As the group begins to celebrate, Sammy points out to the group a meteor shower, as night begins to fall. Just then, they witness what appears to be a campfire burning in the distance.

The campers decide to go seek out the bonfire and run towards the spot where they believe they saw it. Excited at the possibility of rescue,the group becomes upset as Darius climbs a tree and cannot find the fire. Yaz and the group become upset that they missed their chance for rescue, before they hear a roar in the underbrush, which is revealed to be a Ceratosaur, which they run from.

The Ceratosaur gives chase to the campers, and Kenji falls behind, as the campers go back for him, they make a stand, before it is interrupted by a flare gun. The flares scare the dinosaur away, as their saviors are revealed to be two men and a woman, Mitch and Tiff, claiming to be eco-tourists. The group question their apparent rescuers, as Tiff claims to have received the distress signal after the boat dropped them off, and introduces them to the other man Hap, claiming he is their tour guide. Brooklynn asks if they know about her channel, but is met with blank looks.

Brooklynn attempts to question Hap

The trio lead them to their well-appointed camp, which has yurts with bedrooms, and a picnic table. Mitch and Tiff supply the group with a lavishly appointed breakfast, as they enjoy a proper meal. Mitch promises them rescue in two days after their boat arrives back from the mainland, and the campers celebrate. Brookylnn attempts to engage with Hap in conversation about her travels, but he keeps vague and keeps silent. After Brooklynn drops her documents, Hap picks it up, starting at it before he relinquishes his hold.

Brooklynn informs the group of her suspicions about Hap. Although the campers promise to keep their eyes open, they quickly relax in their newfound safety, even as Brooklynn follows Hap as he gathers supplies. Kenji finds her, and questions her, as they make plans to sneak into a yurt that Hap has entered.Brooklynn and Kenji set off an alarm trying to sneak in the Yurt. Hap becomes angry, although Tiff attempts to calm him down as Mitch reassures them that Hap is very protective of his stuff. Darius admonishes Brooklynn not to touch the yurt, even as Brooklynn calls another group meeting regarding her suspicions. Darius disagrees with Brooklynn, upset with her, however she crosses a line when she claims he may be biased.

Brooklynn is alone with Kenji at the camp. They try to sneak into the yurt again, but are confronted by Hap who was waiting for them. As punishment, Hap keeps a stricter watch over the two, although Brooklynn and Kenji appear to fall asleep. Hap leaves to answer the radio, as the two manage to sneak closer and overhear the conversation which appears threatening, and so they flee the camp. They are chased by Hap through the jungle, and he nearly captures Brooklynn and has the two cornered, just before he is knocked out by Ben, and a now grown up Bumpy.

The campers Interrogate Hap

Kenji and Brooklynn embrace Ben, even as they realize that they need to deal with Hap. Ben ties Hap up, as he fills the two of them on what he has been up to. While they debate what to do with the couple, Hap wakes up, and confronts Ben, before Brooklynn attempts to calm everyone down. The group begin to interrogate Hap, with Ben leading the questioning. He attempts to intimidate Hap, but is so unsuccessful, so Brooklynn questioning him. Hap claims that Mitch and Tiff were always going to abandon them, and he offers them a chance to get back home. Hap informs them that they have a chance to get to the northwest dock if they agree to follow him. The group discuss what to do, even as Brooklynn decides to take Hap with them, leading him on a halter so that they can be sure he will be compliant.

Hap attempts to forge a connection with Brooklynn, but she rebuffs him, reiterating that she is still suspicious of him. The group come across the garage, although Bumpy has a bad reaction, even as a dinosaur growls nearby. As Brooklynn peers around a corner, she finds the Baryonyx trio, Chaos, Grim and Limbo, roaming nearby. The Baryonyx trio are alerted by Bumpy, even as Kenji tries to open the door, but it is activated by Brooklynn’s keycard.

Hap attempts to forge a connection with Brooklynn, but she rebuffs him, reiterating that she is still suspicious of him. The group come across the garage, although Bumpy has a bad reaction, even as a dinosaur growls nearby. As Brooklynn peers around a corner, she finds the Baryonyx trio, Chaos, Grim and Limbo, roaming nearby. The Baryonyx trio are alerted by Bumpy, even as Kenji tries to open the door, but it is activated by Brooklynn’s keycard.

The trio continues to be pursued, they are chased through a host of obstacles, including a cluster of narrow rocks. Seeing that they are outnumbered, Hap begs them to untie him, and he is untied by Kenji as he uses the shock stick against the Baryonyx. Seeing this is still not good enough, Hap unlocks the sidecar, staying behind as he is confronted by the Baryonyx, allowing Kenji and Brooklynn to get away. Later that night, Brooklynn and the rest of the group would run into Yasmina, who would inform them the hunters are planning to go to the Watering hole, but that Darius is diverting them to Main Street.

The campers meet up with Ben, and inform him of Darius’s plan, and all of them decide to attempt to help them as they travel to Main Street, taking a short cut through the maintenance tunnels. Making their way through the dark maze, they eventually reach what appears to be a dead end. Ben utilizes Bumpy in an attempt to break the gate.

Brooklynn watches in horror as the Rex stalks Sammy and Darius

As the group attempts to break through, Brooklynn hears a noise, as they follow the source down a tunnel to a locked door. She uses her keypad to open the door, revealing a hidden corridor that is at a much lower temperature. They follow the tunnels to another locked door, and upon opening it, are able to access a control room. They begin to try to activate the controls, believing it to be a secret power center.Kenji manages to turn the control room power on, even as Brooklynn manages to turn back the lights on in Main Street, as well as the rest of the park. Later, Brooklynn stays behind at the control center, as Kenji runs to pick up Darius and Sammy on the motorbike.

Brooklynn witnesses Mitch and Tiff shorting out the fence power, before breaking a camera. She follows the movements of the others, being able to inform them that it will be easier to take a shortcut through the tunnels to reach them. As Brooklynn frantically checks the cameras, she sees a locked door on the cameras saying E750, before seeing a Gyrosphere in storage, deciding to run for it. Just as the hunters corner Darius, e hunters are barreled into by Brooklynn riding a gyrosphere, falling to the floor. Darius kicks the rifle away, as Brooklynn and he reconnect. However, they are interrupted by Mitch and Tiff who have gotten up, threatening them with the guns. Just then, the rest of the campers arrive, using their vehicles to scare the dinosaurs away from the watering hole. They are successful in this endeavor, and Darius and Brooklynn use their moment of distraction to escape in the Gyrosphere.

Darius and Brooklyn crash their gyrosphere, causing it to lose power. As Mitch and Tiff catch up to them, they begin to threaten them, but just then Mitch informs them that the tablet states that there are a herd of animals coming their way. The hunters flee, even as the children panic, trying to turn the gyrosphere back on. The gyrosphere is knocked in many directions by the stampeding herd, and the power is turned back on.

Darius and Brooklynn witness Tiff’s brief escape

Brooklynn and Darius rapidly drive through the jungle, heading for the dock where the boat is. However, Tiff reaches the dock first, making a break for the boat. As she steers the boat away from the dock, she believes she has gotten away, taunting the Brookylnn and Darius that she will never tell anyone that the children are still on the island. Darius and Brooklynn are met at the docks by Kenji, who collapses tiredly, and the rest of the campers and Bumpy soon follow.

Six Months After the Jurassic World Incident

Darius and the children discuss their plans

The children attempt escape from Isla Nublar upon a makeshift raft. However, the group’s raft is destroyed after a large wave, and the group dejectedly walks back to the Camp. The children, led by Darius addresses the other campers in a group roundtable, attempting to assess what escape plans worked, and which didn’t.

Brooklynn points out that they are out of options, as they had already run through options such as Kayaks, and Gyrospheres to escape the island by sea. It is revealed that the group crashed a helicopter in an attempt to try and escape being one of Yasmina’s ideas, and Brooklynn’s failed idea being to go to the tunnel sin search of a phone.

As Darius asks for ideas, the group eventually decides that a raft is the way to go. Kenji brings up that there are Hang Gliders at Lookout Point to the mountains. Darius gets excited, and Kenji points out that they could use it as a sail. The group uses the Sky Gondolas to be able to reach the lookout point. Ben stays behind on the ground with Bumpy, and even as Brooklynn and Yasmina awkwardly share a lift, verbally sparring as it ascends.

As the other half of the group gets to Lookout Point, they survey the view from the top,. Brooklynn and Yaz argue over who will retrieve the hang gliders. However, the group encounters and disturbs a flock of Dimorphodon once at the top. The Dimorphodon began to attacked the group. Yasmina and Brooklynn are seemingly cornered. Trapped, they realize that they need to use the Hang Gliders to be able to escape, even as the Dimorphodons pursue them. The girls manage to evade the Dimorphodon briefly, but are attacked by one, barely managing to survive even as the hang glider is ruined. As the group reconnects, they are excited to be able to have found Mitch and Tiff’s abandoned boat, deciding to use it as an escape vehicle

The campers change into bathing gear, cautiously approaching the boat from the ocean. They begin to carefully search the boat, finding claw marks, but finding no sign of anyone or any animals in the boat. They uncover the pilots room, and determine that Tiff was attacked by an animal. The radio and the controls are busted up, and they determine that its out of gas. Darius determines that if they could make it to the Northwest dock, they could find more gas for the boat.

Darius and Brooklynn are suddenly frightened by the sound of a door opening slightly in the boat, only to be scared when Kenji jumps out in an attempt to surprise them, Ben heads back to the shore, even as Kenji offers to drive the boat to the dock. He manages to get the engine to work just enough to take them to the dock.

. The campers take some to rest and relax, even as Darius works with Brooklynn in an attempt to prank Kenji.  Kenji begins to get suspicious of Brooklynn and Darius’s attempts to prank him, but is successfully diverted by the yacht suddenly rocking.As the Campers investigate, they determine that there is a large hole on the side of the yacht. They decide to head to the docks to attempt to find supplies to patch the boat.

Darius and Brooklynn fend off the Ouranosaurs

Meanwhile, Brooklynn picks a lock, even as Darius accidentally runs into her, and he informs her that the dock area is not safe. They meet up with Ben, even as they hear a dinosaur roaring. It is revealed to be a pair of Ouranosaurs. They begin to roar, pursuing the children.  After evading the dinosaurs throughout the docks, the campers race to the boat, only to find the animals are pursuing them. The Ouranosaurs attempt to board the boat, but the campers scare them off with fireworks, as they cheer in celebration.

The campers attempt to patch the hole in the yacht, but Yasmina points out that they are sinking despite their attempts. As the campers worry about not having a dock to be able to go ashore in, Kenji indicates that he knows of a private dock for his father’s penthouse. Just as they dock, the boat runs out of gas.

Kenji leads the way for the camper, taking them to the Penthouse on segways. On their way, they encounter a Monolophosaurus. The group reaches the penthouse without further incident, coming across a large building. Brooklynn uses the keycard to gain access to the building, and they take the stairs to the private penthouse.

Kenji welcomes them to the Penthouse, as Brooklynn joins the rest of the group in exploring the room for supplies. Ben calls the group to the window, as he observes Bumpy is extremely agitated, noting it’s a sign of danger, and the group starts to split up to investigate.

Kenji relaxes, even as Darius and Brooklynn attempt to search for a GPS, As they find what they need, the Monopholosaur attempts to break into the penthouse, and they barely manage to close the door on it, barricading it to buy time. Darius and Brooklynn force open the elevator doors so that they can climb down the shaft.As Kenji, Brooklynn, and Darius head down the elevator shaft, the Monolophosaurs attempt to attack them through the vents.

Brooklynn flees from the Monolophosaurs

One lunges for Darius, but falls down the shaft, landing near Brooklynn, Darius lands next to her, even as Kenji is forced to drop his father’s art piece on the Monolophosaur to knock it down for a few seconds to allow them to escape the elevator. The group is suddenly alerted to the presence of two Monolophosaurs, as they hide in the limos to attempt to evade them. They realize that they may be trapped by the dinosaurs, as they determine to run to the last limo, and run in just enough time, even as one tries to break in. Yaz drives the limo out of the garage, even as the others are chased by the animals, and the other group just barely manages to jump in. Bumpy is present to knock the carnivores to the side, allowing them to escape.

The episode opens up as the children utilize the sealant to be able to patch the hole, however Darius notes that it takes 48 hours for the sealant to set. Kenji attempts to hasten the process, but quickly proves Darius right as they reattach the patch. Sammy enlists Brooklynn’s assistance on a personal matter, and Brooklynn asks whether or not she has a crush on anyone, but Sammy instead asks how she might protect er family against Mantah Corp, and asks Brooklynn to help.

Sammy produces a map that she found at Kenji’s condo, and they go off to investigate E750, taking the gyrosphere to do so. Sammy and Brooklynn decide to head to the north as they compare two maps, determining that the section labelled ‘under construction’ is where the lab might be. The children follow the maintenance tunnels unsuccessfully, even as Sammy calls Brooklynn out on her really needing answers on how to defeat Mantah Corp. Brooklynn chases after Sammy, trying her best to apologize, and Sammy accepts the apology.

Brooklynn accesses the laptop

The two girls find a lab in the northwest, taking the stairs to find a door labeled ‘E750. Entering the room, they find it in disarray, and scour the room for any clues. Brooklynn finds a laptop, and defers to Sammy to check the contents out, and they see a video of Dr. Henry Wu, talking about the E750, and it’s creation. He details the process of creation of the Scorpios Rex, and they witness what appears to be an attack onscreen before the video cuts out. The next video details Wu describing the process of placing the Scorpios Rex in cryogenic suspension. The episode ends with the children staring in horror at the broken cryogenic container.

Brooklynn and Sammy evade the Stampede

Brooklynn and Sammy rush out of the secret laboratory to attempt to warn the others. However, they encounter a stampede of dinosaurs running their way, which knocks the Gyrosphere off of it’s course. They witness a Brachiosaurus being attacked, and run away to safety. Later, Sammy and Brooklynn stumble onto Darius, They explain the situation with E750 to Darius, and inform him that there is another hybrid dinosaur is loose on the island. They resolve to leave the Island immediately.

As the campers gather their supplies after returning to camp, they are informed by Yaz that the storm is too violent to attempt to leave in. The rest of the camp begin to argue about who was at fault for the situation, as they resolve to wait for the storm to pass, even as they fortify the camp in preparation. The storm begins, causing Bumpy to become agitated, and he runs off, even as the group hears a distant howling, and they retreat to the safety of the campsite.

The Scorpios Rex stalks the perimeter of the camp, brushing against the electrified fence, and becoming agitated, attacking the fence and causing the campers to scream. It is able to utilize it’s infared vision to see the campers, before it disappears, having climbed to the top of the camp to catch them by surprise. E750 leaps down, and the camps attempt to evade it to little avail, even as lightning strikes a nearby tree, and the fire distracts the predator long enough for them to be able to run away.

Sammy is injured as the tail sweeps against her, and the campers are cornered by the electrified fence, as the E750 roars at them. It is met by an answering roar in the distance, as it rushes to meet the challenge, running off into the jungle, as the campers sigh in relief, just as they realize that Sammy has been hit by the quills, just as she faints.

Sammy suffers from the effects of the Poison

The campers rush to attend to Sammy, who is still severely poisoned by the Scorpios Rex. Brooklynn and Yaz remove the spines, and apply a makeshift bandage , but they cannot keep Sammy from losing consciousness. As the night wears on, the campers are at an impasse on what to do, as Sammy is still very feverish. Darius brings up the possibility of an antidote, and Brooklynn brings up the video from the lab, where there is a potential antidote, and Yaz volunteers to go get it.

The campers ponder the potential weaknesses of the hybrid, concluding that the animal is scared of fire, despite the others being very doubtful that it will work. Brooklynn attends to Sammy, Kenji gets water for Sammy, as the two of them keep watch over her, and share their mutual concerns over how frightened they are of the situation. Brooklynn has to reassure Kenji due to his fear of her potential state. Kenji and Brooklynn wonder how to help Sammy in her semi-conscious state. The campers stay vigilant over Sammy until Yaz eventually comes back with the antidote.

The campers watch over Sammy’s recovery after taking the antidote. The campers decide to leave the island as soon as possible, and gather supplies to be ready for the journey.  Kenji resolves to go to the boat and wait for Darius, who has gone off on his own. The children notice that the Scorpios Rex’s trampling has messed up the path, and now they are lost. Kenji and Brooklynn do not have much luck finding the path, as Sammy needs to take a water break.

The group hides from the stampede

The group is forced to take shelter from a rampaging herd of Parasaurolphus as they are fleeing. Kenji realizes the dinosaurs are making a path in their panic, and exhorts the group to follow them. Finding his bearings, he proceeds to follow the pathway to the dock, even as the Scorpios attacks the group, killing many dinosaurs as it chases them. They make it to the yacht, running for safety as they board it.

The other campers have escaped in the Yacht, heading back to the dock as they hope the Scorpios has gone. As the other campers dock the yacht, they are momentarily startled by the presence of a Stegosaurus. The campers see the battered limo, with Sammy determining that they were able to get away due to the presence of footprints leading away from the wreck.

Sammy leads the group to follow the footprints, as they witness the aftermath of the Brachiosaur stampede. Hearing a cry of distress, they find a baby Brachiosaur that has been abandoned by the herd, and they rush to embrace it.. As they hear an answering cry, an adult enters the clearing, and walks the infant back to the herd.

Darius and Ben reach the Visitor’s Center, and are about to grab the tranquilizer gun when they encounter the others. The other group is dismayed to find out about the two Scorpios. They group decides to hunt down the Scorpios, even as Darius realizes that its right above them, and runs for the safety of the Visitor’s Center.

The group turns as they see a flock of Compys fleeing, and realize that they are now trapped with the other Scorpios Rex.  The group runs into the old kitchen The Scorpios initially passes by the door, before bursting in, breaking through the room. Kenji turns on the Gas burners on the stove, causing the animal to roar in agitation, as they try to leave, only for Blue to lunge at them.

Brooklynn and the group prepare to flee the crumbling visitor’s center

They run back, as Blue breaks down the door, and the Two Scorpios roar at Blue, and each other.  Blue leaps on one Scorpios as the other roars, with the children attempting to bring the Visitor’s center down, as a three way fight between the two Scorpios and Blue commences. The roof collapses, and the two Scorpios are buried alive as the children and Blue manage to escape. Blue leaves as the children walk away in silence.

The children make it back to the Yacht without further incident, as they ask Ben whether or not he wishes to stay behind. The group embraces him and wishes him goodbye, as they decide to set sail as a new storm is approaching. As the yacht departs, Ben heads out into the jungle, but not before running off into the jungle begging for them to stop, as he swims to the boat, and they depart the Island. The group starts to cheer, just two helicopters hover, ordering them to return to the dock.

The helicopter orders the children to return to the Island. The other campers bring up their concerns regarding their potential ‘rescuers’, although the current storm and rough state of the ocean convinces them to take their chances with the chopper crew.As the Helicopter lands, several armed mercenaries disembark, as the children climb onto the helicopter even as the sound of a large animal approaching is nearby. The Tyrannosaurus Rex suddenly runs out of the foliage, causing the pilot to ascend in panic, just as the Rex chomps down on the chopper, pulling it back down. Sammy and Ben almost fall out of the chopper, but are saved by Kenji. The chopper pilot manages to wrest the chopper free, and the Rex eats the mercenary as the Chopper flies off. Darius, Brooklynn and Yaz run for safety,

The other campers flee through the jungle as the Rex stalks them, The Rex manages to find Yaz’s hiding spot, forcing her to run across a gulch over a fallen log. The Rex attempts to follow, and Yaz slips and falls down, about to be eaten, but the other children distract Rexy long enough for her to pursue them instead. The Rex corners Darius and Sammy, but is ultimately distracted by the sound of a voice over the megaphone near Main Street. As they head to the scene, the children witness a man running from a Trex and seemingly narrowly escaping it’s jaws just before the Mosasaurs leaps out of the water and eats him. The children conclude that they are not here to rescue them, even as they race to the scene of where another chopper lands. More armed mercenaries disembark, as the children hide.

The children witness Henry Wu stepping out of the helicopter, as he informs the mercenary that they need to retrieve the research laptop. The children are conflicted over whether or not to attempt to destroy the laptop, or take this chance at a rescue. They run to try and find the lab before Wu can get there. They reach the lab, realizing that the entrance has been blocked due to the storm, and are forced to hide before they can fully remove it. Wu arrives, ordering the mercenaries to clear the entrance.

Brooklynn realizes that they can get to the secret lab via the vent that connects to the Maintenance tunnels, and the group agrees to go. Wu informs the mercenaries that he wants a guard outside, and some mercenaries to join him inside as well. The children manage to reach the lab before the mercenaries, scouring the area for the laptop, knowing that they have limited time due to the approaching men. Brooklynn manages to find the laptop, and they escape just as the men survey the room.

Brooklynn begs her friends to escape

The men almost investigate the vent the children are hiding in, but are distracted by a compy, and move on. Wu notes that the Scorpius has escaped, and wonders if they need to accelerate the timetable. Wu is agitated by not finding the laptop, ordering the others to help him look for it. Wu is convinced by the mercenaries to check the other labs. Yaz and Darius manage to get out of the vent, but Brooklynn is trapped inside by Mr. Hawkes, forcing Darius and Yaz to abandon Brooklynn before the other men arrive

Mr. Hawkes brings Brooklynn to the other mercenaries, as they keep her under guard and pursue the other campers. As Brooklynn is held hostage, she taunts Dr. Wu, as Hawkes threatens her with harm if she doesn’t surrender the laptop. Just then, the group hears a dinosaur growl and stands to attention. Yaz distracts them, just as a pair of Monolophosaurs run into the secret laboratory, and proceed to attack the mercenaries. Brooklynn takes the moment to run, causing the Monolophosaurs to chase after her as she closes thedoor thinking that she has escaped, only to bump into Hawkes, who escaped via the vent in the lab along with Dr. Wu.

Brooklynn is marched to the rendezvous point, thinking of a way to escape, although Henry Wu promises her that she will be reunited with her friends if the deal goes well. Wu defends himself to Brooklynn, as the group comes across a roaring river and decide to cross the river via a fallen log. They attempt to cautiously cross the stream, although a mercenary falls and slips down the raging river, although Hawkes refuses to go after him.

The mercenary group encounter a parasaur, and they observe it, as Wu and Brooklynn have an ethical debate as she informs him of the fate of E750. Hawkes scares off the parasaur, as he forces her to continue marching. As they reach the rendezvous point, Kenji runs out of the jungle with the laptop, offering the mercenaries the laptop, but is made to do a hostage exchange for Brooklynn first.

Just as Hawkes is informing Wu to inspect the laptop, Ben comes in with a herd of Ankylosaurs while riding Bumpy as a distraction. Hawkes brushes Kenji off as he tries to take Brooklynn, as the mercenaries try to force her on the chopper. The herd prevents Wu and the others from getting to the chopper. Darius and the others arrive and reunite with Kenji and Brooklynn, Hawkwes pursues the campers through the herd, demanding the laptop from Sammy and Brooklynn. Sammy throws the laptop, and it is trampled by the herd.

The Group bids goodbye to Bumpy

Darius manages to lead the group to safety as they escape the herd. Dr. Wu escapes the Island with Hawkes after being informed that the mission to retrieve the Indominus sample was a success. However, Hawkes pursues the children in the helicopter, as Wu tries to dissuade him, and the chopper flies off.As the group recuperates, Ben wishes Bumpy goodbye again, as the group embraces. Kenji informs Darius that he stole the laptop for Brooklynn, as they leave the island in the yacht.