Bringing Velociraptor Eggs to the Mainland (S/F)

After discovering several Velociraptor nests on Isla Sorna, Paul and Amanda Kirby alerted Dr. Alan Grant, who worriedly observed the clutches of eggs, along with Billy Brennan and Mr. Udesky. Shortly afterwards, the group (minus Brennan) set off to continue their search for the Kirbys’ son, Eric; albeit failing to realise Brennan’s absence. When Dr. Grant returned to the site of the nests, he found Brennan, who claimed to have stayed behind with the eggs for longer to take photographs. However, after a devastating but seemingly random attack on the group from a pack of Velociraptors, Grant found two eggs inside Brennan’s bag. Billy explained to a furious Grant that he had taken the eggs on an impulse, believing that they could fund Grant’s paleontological dig if he took them back to the mainland and sold them. The stolen eggs were later returned to the Velociraptor family by Amanda Kirby.