Biosyn's Raptor Park (CB-Topps)

Alfie and Celia were lured into an enclosed area by Dr. Beldevere who gave them the impression that she could be trusted. However, after leaving the raptors alone, it became apparent that her interactions were a stalling ruse in order to allow Biosyn to be able to erect large walls around them. Dr. Fischer remarked that the intent of these walls were so that Biosyn might have its own Jurassic Park as well. He appointed Dr. Beldevere as the headkeeper of the park as well. Biosyn placed the wall steadily so that the raptors would not notice. They also protect the area from sight with a Jungle canopy “Camouflage Cloth”. It was also defended by Biosyn agents equipped with Rocket launchers who blew up a helicopter the minute it was discovered.

The raptors soon discovered their imprisonment, and began to vent their anger. However, Dr. Beldevere and Dr. Fischer were observing them from an observation deck, and deduced that escape was impossible. Meanwhile, Dr. Beldevere and Dr. Fischer worked on their plans in a nearby tent. When Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm  discovered it, they were swiftly ambushed by a Biosyn task force arriving in Jeeps. They attempted to kill them, but then Alfie and Betty escaped Biosyn’s prison. In the aftermath, the walled enclosure was abandoned.