Bieber & Shandy (CB-Topps)

Two soldiers who show little respect for the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar, they are sent to the island to help in the American army’s reorganisation. They are sighted by Derrick and Abby, taking photos of the dinosaurs, but when the pair reports this to General West, the two stash their camera in Abby’s room and lie that Abby’s report had come about through her being angry that “Shandy turned down a pass she had made at him”. The pair escort an accused Abby off of the island, but as they pass over the jungle she shoves their mailbag (containing the film from the camera) from the helicopter; they land the helicopter down to try and find it, but Abby knocks them out and escapes. The pair report that Abby had forced them to land with erratic behaviour; West sends them out to look for her. They encounter a Stegosaurus, which they try to shove out of the way and are almost knocked down by; eventually, they encounter Derrick and Abby in a nest with the mailbag. They try to attack, but a young Ourannosaurus following Derrick and Abby jumps on them. They attack it, only to attract the attention on the mother of the nest, a large Parasaurolophus, which attacks the humans. Bieber shoots a tranquiliser dart into its neck, but it collapses on top of them, and Derrick and Abby refuse to help them out. Although General West, despite the film being in the mailbag, still refuses to suspect the two soldiers, until a call comes through from the man who hired Bieber and Shandy to take the photos; West questions the pair on it.