Behavior Changes in Miniaturized Animals (C/N)

As part of his investing campaign for his Jurassic Park project, John Hammond would often bring a miniature elephant along with him to the meetings. However, he would discourage people from petting the animal, because of the danger it might bite them. The process of making the animal had involved injecting hormones into the embryo, which may have been a reason for the animal’s increased aggression, and behavioral change. The animal was quick and ill-tempered, acting not like an elephant at all, but as a small and vicious animal.

Without a model of other elephants to follow, the animal acted on pure instinct, which was difficult given its size. Also, its behavior may have been altered due to its confinement in a small cage, as well as being confined to a lab environment.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton page 59-60 (First Edition, Thirty Fourth printing)