Anne B (C/N)

The Anne B, captained by Frederick D. Farrell, was a supply ship that made fortnightly cargo deliveries to Isla Nublar’s East Dock. During one offloading procedure, the crew noticed a worrying storm pattern approaching the island. Due to the remoteness of Nublar and supposedly inadequate harbor facilities, crew member Jim decided to contact John Arnold at the park’s control room to request permission to leave the island for safety reasons, cutting the delivery short in the process. Initially reluctant to have to wait another two weeks for the laboratory equipment to arrive, John Hammond eventually approved the ship’s request to abort the delivery after Arnold explained the dangerous reality of the situation.

Later, Lex Murphy noticed at least three juvenile Velociraptors standing at the stern of the boat from the tour car she was in. Realizing that the ship would be returning to the mainland, Drs. Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm urged Ed Regis to notify the control room so that they could recall it. However, due to the power outage caused by Dennis Nedry, both of the car radios were unable to establish contact with it, meaning the Anne B could continue its journey to Puntarenas. According to Regis, the ship was usually reliable and would arrive at the mainland by 11am the next day after an eighteen-hour journey.

By the time Tim Murphy was able to restore the park’s telephonic systems, the ship had nearly reached the Puntarenas dock. With help from Donald Gennaro, Tim managed to convince the initially dubious Captain Freddie Farrell that the ship’s docking had to be cancelled and a return to Isla Nublar had to be made. It is not known if the Anne B reached the island before it was bombed by the Costa Rican military task force.