Animal Intelligence (C/N)

One of the main flaws of Jurassic Park was that the staff greatly underestimated the intelligence of the animals, especially that of the Velociraptors.While some of the other animals such as Hypsilophodon were not particularly bright, being described as ‘having roughly the intelligence of a Domestic Cow’.However the raptors were observed by many, particularly Alan Grant and Robert Muldoon to have a ‘bird-like’ intelligence that could easily solve problems.

Grant compared the intelligence of the raptors to parrots. He mused that only three species of animals had the ability to form and execute plans, those being humans, chimpanzees and gorillas.He deduced that the raptors had this ability as well after hearing how the raptors had nearly cornered Ellie Sattler on the roof of the hotel.He stated that parrots had the emotional capacity of a three-year old human. According to him, parrots were equivalent in symbolic intelligence as Chimpanzees, who were able to use language. From there he deduced that the Velociraptors had at least as much mental development as chimpanzees.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton page 118,296,377 (First Edition, Thirty Fourth printing