Amblin Entertainment

Amblin Entertainment’s current logo.

Founded by Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall in 1981, Amblin Entertainment is an American film and television production company, named after Steven Spielberg’s first commercially released film, “Amblin”. Although the company is an independent production company, Universal Studios distributes many Amblin productions, while Amblin operates out of a building on the Universal lot.

In addition to a various amount of films directed by Spielberg, Amblin has also produced movies by other directors, such as Robert Zemeckis, Joe Johnston and many others. Most of these directors are friends with Spielberg. Currently, Amblins most critically-acclaimed production is Schindlers List, which was nominated for twelve Academy Awards (where it won seven), including the award for “Best Picture”.

As of 2015, Amblin has been involved in over seventy films, including all four Jurassic Park films (including Jurassic World), two movies that were released direct-to-DVD (“Tiny Toons Adventure: How I Spent My Vacation and Wakko’s Wish), one television film (“Class of ’61”), and several live-action television shows.