Alfie, Betty & Celia (CB-Topps)

Alfie, a male, Betty & Celia, females, were three Velociraptor “antirrhopus” who were born in the wilds of Jurassic Park.  They were captured along with their two brothers, Tssr and Br, and taken captive by a team hired by Rafael Santos.  The two brothers were killed along with their mother, Mmms, and Celia sustained a neck wound.

The names were given to the Raptors by Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler while imprisoned.  Ellie was charged with healing Celia’s neck wound while Rafael trained the others using shock collars to obey his orders.  After several weeks, both Alfie and Betty attacked and stopped at Rafael’s order.  Once Celia’s neck wound healed enough she was put into training with her brother and sister.  However, due to the kindness Ellie had shown her she resisted killing strikes on the dummies and went only for wounding attacks.

Alfie and Betty were sent to the city of Puerto Miranda at the edge of the jungle where the judges announced Rafael’s crimes.  They were set loose and killed the judges.  Knocking down a power line, one of the raptors snapped at the cable and was shocked.  This disrupted their collars and the two raptors used the opportunity to escape back to Rafael’s compound.  There, they killed the guards and rescued Celia.  Once their sister was freed, Rafael ordered the use of the shock collars to bring the raptors under control.  They retaliated and killed Rafael.  Celia hissed when Alfie and Betty made aggressive movements toward Alan and Ellie, remembering the kindness.  Rather than killing them, the raptors fled into the jungle.

Once free in the jungle, the raptors allowed instinct to take over and began hunting together.  Celia was the first to contract a jungle illness and the trio became infected.  After being attacked by natives, the trio fled deeper and later found an offering of a dead tapir and gold idols.  Not knowing what to make of it, they went for the meat but passed out from the illness.  Believing the raptors to be gods, the natives take them to their camp and heal them.  Once the raptors awoke, they killed the worshiping natives and fled.

Being discovered by Robert Muldoon, the natives attack in an attempt to save their gods, Alfie and Betty attack despite Celia’s warning not to.  Betty is shot by Alan Grant in order to save Ellie.  The natives worship Alfie and Celia, who perceive no threat from them and leave by running over a rope bridge.  On the other side, the two raptors gnaw at the rope and the bridge collapses, ensuring their escape.

After some amount of time, Alfie and Celia encounter a gorilla brought to the jungle for study by Dr. Belvedere.  They killed the gorilla, and meet the scientist herself who made gestures of “peace” and “trust” in an animal language.  Though Celia has come to trust some humans, Alfie is still unsure and would kill any at the first sign of treachery.  Alfie snapped at Dr. Belvedere when she touches Celia’s side to feel the eggs, and she slaps Alfie in response.  Deciding not to press the issue, Alfie defends the area as Celia laid a clutch of six eggs.

When Dr. Belvedere suddenly leaves, Alfie is disturbed by it and finds the presence of a gigantic wall surrounding them.  When the eggs hatched, Alfie and Celia took turns digging at a particular place in the wall and managed to escape.  Once outside, they killed all the Biosyn soldiers, along with Fischer, who built the wall, and Dr. Belvedere.  About to turn on Ian Malcolm and Ellie Sattler, the infants emerged and parental instincts took over.  The family walked into the woods, having learned which humans were worthy of their trust and which ones were not.