Abby Nakajima & Derek Hoyle (CB-Topps)

Scientists at Jurassic Park, Derrick and Abby are out walking through the Park when they see Dr Gustavus; Abby gets Derrick to ask Gustavus what he does during his mysterious afternoon drives – the doctor snaps at him, but as he drives off, Abby reveals that she has stolen his suitcase. The pair discover an egg inside, and decide to hide it, but as they drive away, Gustavus slams into their jeep with his own, knocking them off-road, and retrieves the briefcase. The next day, while most workers (including Gustavus, supposedly) are meeting Alan Grant and the other visitors, Abby convinces Derrick to drive them to Gustavus’ secret bunker. Here, they discover multiple mutant dinosaurs, but before they can radio base to report, Gustavus appears, and explains what the creatures are, before preparing to shoot the pair; however, before he can do so, the ridge that the bunker is on partially collapses, quaking the building and allowing Derrick and Abby to escape. They drive away by jeep, but a Dilophosaurus attacks them, making the jeep swerve off of the road. Gustavus appears to kill them, but the Dilophosaurus attacks him savagely. Derrick and Abby get back into the jeep and drive back to the bunker; an Elaphrosaurus chases them until Derek fends it off with a flare-gun. Back in the bunker, the pair try to use the radio, until a gravely wounded Gustavus appears, and it is then that all three notice a baby dinosaur with a gun. Abby tries to get the gun from it, but Gustavus yells, and the startled youngster accidentally shoots the crazed scientist. As the whole bunker collapses away, Derrick and Abby jump out and hang onto the cliff-top. Though the Dilophosaurus tries to attack them, the helicopter that Gustavus had called for appears and saves them.

Later, the pair return to the island to help the army reorganise the island. Abby is irritated greatly by two army officers, Bieber and Shandy, who show little respect for the dinosaurs. The end result is Abby offending General West, the head of the operation; when the pair are relaxing later, they notice Bieber and Shandy taking photographs of the dinosaurs, but the island has a strict no-photo policy. The pair report this to General West, but Bieber and Shandy lie that Abby is trying to set them up as Shandy turned down a pass she made at him. West has both Bieber and Shandy’s helicopter, and Abby’s dorm, and a camera is found stashed in her room. She is taken off of the island; Derrick refuses to leave with her, as he loves his job too much. On the copter, Abby figures out that they framed her and stashed the film in a mailbag, which she shoves out of the copter – the soldiers land the copter down, and go out to search for the mailbag with Abby, but she knocks them out and runs back to the dormitories. Here, Derrick is contemplating Abby on his bed; Abby grabs him from his room and the pair run. They set off to try and find the mailbag, and encounter a young Ourannosaurus along the way. They finally find the bag in the middle of a nest; Abby takes it, but then the pair are attacked by Bieber and Shandy. The Ourannosaurus, however, attacks the soldiers in turn, until a Parasaurolophus appears, the mother of the nest. Bieber and Shandy tranquilise it, but it collapses onto them and Derrick and Abby refuse to help. They deliver the bag to General West, who still suspects Abby, but he lets her off after proof comes through against Bieber and Shandy. Later, Derrick and Abby are about to kiss when they are interrupted by the Ourannosaurus.