Things that have “ruined” the Jurassic series in the past:

  • Inaccurate Dinosaurs – Many people believe that inaccurate dinosaurs ruin the franchise and others believe that updating the animals would ruin the franchise as well. This situation happened in Jurassic Park /// when the Raptor designs were changed altogether without putting in a direct and verbal acknowledgement in the films of said change. Fortunately the source material discussed that InGen had gone through variations of the animals since they started and it was shown rather than told.
  • Kelly’s Gymnastics – A lot of people will complain about Tim not grabbing the shotgun in the Control Room during the first film, but Kelly gets a lot of flack for saving her dad (Ian Malcolm) in the second movie with some gymnastics and earning enough centripetal force to knock the pursuing Velociraptor out the window. It’s unbelievable in some aspects and that’s why people throw their arms up about it.
  • Rex on the Mainland – In the second movie, Spielberg altered the planned original ending involving a longer chase sequence in the town with Velociraptors and Pteranodons and opted for the San Diego sequence. The town, as a result, was cut down from approximately 13 buildings to 4 to 5 buildings. Unfortunately the San Diego sequence is polarizing because while some fans adore it for the sheer carnage others dislike it because it was too over the top for the second movie and demystified the islands by putting them into the public’s sight.
  • Chaos Effect – The Chaos Effect line invented by Kenner shortly after they produced The Lost World line under Hasbro’s flag introduced the hybrid concept first. Supposedly an animated series was to accompany the toys, but the line faded due to problems with distribution and a lack of sales. Kenner was unfortunately phased out by Hasbro in the end.
  • Jurassic Park /// (*)
    Spinosaurus (New Super Predators)
    Spino Fans
    Rex Fans
    Einstein Raptors (JP3 Raptors)
    Toothed Pteranodons (JP3 Pteranodons)
    The Kirby Family
    Billy Surviving
  • Mutant Dinosaurs with Guns (Homocraptors/Sayles script)
  • New Park
  • Kids in the Jurassic Park films
  • Good Dinosaurs versus Bad Dinosaurs (Trained Dinosaurs)
  • New Cast/Characters or Reboot
  • Paper Plates aka “PlateGate” – Fans being in a tizzy regarding the fact of leaked dinosaur designs for Jurassic World were on paper plates, napkins, and the various. The designs included many old returning favorites and included the new Indominus hybrid. Loads of laughs, trust us.
  • Raptors without sickle claws!

And certainly more things to come for some people!