Mosasaurus maximus (S/F)


mosasaurus-detail-headerThe ‘Meuse River Lizard’ was discovered by Johan Leonard Hoffman and formally given a full scientific name by William Mantell in 1829. Mosasaurus lived during the late Cretaceous period from 70-66 million years ago. The animal was 60 feet long, and weighed 5 tons. Mosasaurus belonged to the genus Mosasauridae, and its bones have been recovered from Western Europe and North America. Mosasaurus preyed on fish, birds and other marine reptiles. The Mosasaur also possessed a second set of teeth in its upper palate to prevent its prey from escaping.

The Jurassic World theme Park on Isla Nublar housed an adult Mosasaurus. This animal was exhibited in a large lagoon in the center of Jurassic World’s boardwalk. The animal was central to an attraction known as the Mosasaurus Feeding show. The Mosasaurus was fed every two hours, before a semi-circular stadium overlooking the lagoon.

The Mosasaurus is given a threat level of ‘high’ on the in-universe Jurassic World website. In addition, the Mosasaurus is also described as being 15 tons, heavier then any previously described species of Mosasaur known. The Mosasaur is also large enough to eat a Great White shark in one bite, as well as drench an entire stadium due to the wave caused by its great mass.