Mosasaurus (sp.?) (IDW-JPR)

The mosasaur of Jurassic Park: Redemption first appears in issue two of the series on only one page. It shows it breaking through the gates to the nuclear power plant. The next time we see it is while a plant worker is walking the fence that surrounds the nuclear plant is attacked by the creature. Then in the last issue of the series (issue five) it reappears again at the nuclear plant, trying to attack the people inside. The alarm sounds, causing the Giganotosaurus to head towards the plant.  Tim, Lex, Delgado, Grant, Ellie, and the others head towards the plant. Scared of being attacked by the giganotosaur,  the deputy tries to run away and is killed by the mosasaur. The Giganotosaurus goes into the water after being attacked by a pack of Velociraptors, and is then subsequently attacked by the Mosasaurus. The outcome of the battle was unseen and not stated so the victor is unknown.