Marlin 1895 SBL (S/F)

Marlin Firearms is a firearm manufacturer based in Madison, North Carolina. The company was founded in 1870. The company specializes in high power, center fire, lever action, bolt-action and .22 caliber rimfire rifles.

Marlin RifleThe Marlin Model 1895 was introduced in 1972, based on the Marlin Model 336 series. This rifle was offered in .45-70 caliber and is a lever-action firearm. The rifle also possesses a receiver design based on the earlier model 336SS, the barrel, lever and trigger being composed of stainless steel. The rifle possessed a six-round capacity, and a full length magazine tube.

Jurassic World

rifleOwen Grady own a Marlin 1895 SBL, and had retrofitted it with a Leopold Scout scope mounted with see-through rings. Owen Grady took this rifle with him when he went with Claire Dearing initially in an attempt to track down her nephews. During the initial phases of the tracking, Owen carried his rifle with him in case of attack. Owen utilized the rifle in the pteranodon attack, shooting down several before they could attack tourists.

Owen Grady carries this rifle with him as he follows the Velociraptor pack as they track down the Indominus Rex. As Owen and the ACU waited for further orders from Vic Hoskins, Owen kept the rifle trained on the Indominus. When the Velociraptors went rogue, Owen worked with the ACU team in an attempt to track down the Indominus on foot.

Owen shouldered the rifle as he escaped the initial velociraptor attack on his Motorcycle, as he followed the Mobile Veterinary Unit.After the group was cornered by the velociraptors, Owen initially aimed the rifle at Blue, but regained the trust of the velociraptors by lowering the weapon. As the Indominus Rex fought the Velociraptors, Owen attempted to assist by firing the weapon at the Indominus, but to little effect.