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Jurassic Fan Links

John Williams Fan Network
Jurassic June
Jurassic Legacy Blog (Brazil Fan Community)
Jurassic World Universe
Sci-Fied Jurassic World Site
Spared No Expense Jurassic Park Subreddit
The Bryce Dallas Howard Network

Official Jurassic Sites

Ariana Richards Official Site
Michael Crichton Official Site
Jurassic Park – The Ride
Jurassic World – The Exhibition
Telltale: Jurassic Park – The Game
LEGO: Jurassic World Site
Jurassic World Evolution
Dinosaur Protection Group (Viral Marketing)
Isla Nublar – Jurassic World (Viral Marketing)
Masrani-Global Corporate Site (Viral Marketing)
Official Jurassic Park/World Site
Jurassic World Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Movie Site

Dinosaur and Paleontology Site

Archosaur Musings
Dinosaur George
The Dinosaur Toy Blog
Exhibited Sim
Prehistoric Times Magazine
Scott Hartman’s Skeletal Drawing


Galactic Basic
NinjaBrick – Daily LEGO News Transformers toys, comics, movies, games, news, galleries and more!
Stan Winston School
TFN & Dr. Curtis Saxton’s Star Wars: Technical Commentaries
TFWiki.Net | Transformers Wiki
Wookieepedia | Star Wars Encyclopedia

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