Jurassic World: Evolution Pre-Order Trailer & Official Details Released

The Pre-Order Trailer has dropped for Jurassic World: Evolution! You can view it below!

Official details from a German Gaming magazine has been released as well here from the German PC Games magazine. A rough translation is provided below of what we can expect from the game itself:

– 40 Species will be available in the full game.
– Indominus Rex officially confirmed (if there was still doubt), “it’s best not to bother you, because no one wants you running away and eating all the visitors, isn’t it?”
– Strutiomimus is the first dino in the park, which you receive as tutorial form.
– Velociraptor’s are constantly looking for flaws in fences
– Herbivores also cause confusion, like a group of Edmontosaurus when realizing an open gate.
– We’ll have the islands of Las Cinco Muertes and Isla Nublar to play on. The Islands all have different climates, for example with Isla Pena being the smallest of them and presenting the greatest difficulties to players. Island size involves greater planning of the logistics of attractions.
– The game has a good editor and allows modular constructions, leaving almost endless the possibilities of building the park.
– Artificial intelligence is tip: Each dinosaur is unique and interacts differently with the environment.
– As already reported earlier, Jeff Goldblum participates in the game reprising his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm!
– Each dinosaur has its special needs and the player should keep an eye on it. Each dinosaur has its peculiarities (life time, attack force, resistance, health). These factors are important when talking about “attraction value”. not all dinosaurs get along with each other though however.
– The player must also build and equip the Hammond creation lab, where new species will be developed from fossil dna.
– The player can explore the entire park driving a 4×4.
– Release date is set for June 12, 2018 and will be be available for PC, PS4 and XBOX One.

Translation credit to – Jackson Clarke for translating and Isaacboyyy for finding the article. You can read the translation of the full article by going here.