Jurassic Park – Film Score

Original Release

Release Date: May 25, 1993
Number of Discs: One (1)
Media Format: Audio CD, Audio Cassette
Records Label: MCA
Cassette ASIN: B000002OOZ

The original score was released shortly before the film’s own release and was conducted by John Williams. The CD only had 16 tracks.

Track NameTime (In Minutes and seconds)
Opening Titles0:32
Theme from Jurassic Park3:27
Incident at Isla Nublar5:19
Journey to the Island8:52
The Raptor Attack2:48
Hatching Baby Raptor3:20
My Friend, the Brachiosaurus4:15
Dennis Steals the Embryos4:55
A Tree for My Bed2:11
High-Wire Stunts4:08
Remembering Petticoat Lane2:47
Jurassic Park Gate2:03
Eye To Eye6:31
T-Rex Rescue & Finale7:39
End Credits3:28
20th Anniversary Release

On the 20th anniversary of the film, an additional four tracks were released digitally via iTunes and other music sharing services for purchase. The four tracks featured queues that were not heard on the standard release back in 1993. The released tracks were only available digitally though.

Track NameTime
The History Lesson2:28
Staling Around2:32
The Coming Storm3:58
Hungry Raptor2:05
John William’s Collection – Jurassic Park Collector’s Edition Release

This release saw an almost complete track listing released for the first film. There are a few differences in the queues between this release and those of the film, but if one is looking for a complete copy of the score for the first and second Jurassic film then this is the score to go for. Below will be a listing for the Jurassic Park portions of the track. You can find the listing for the second film’s tracks on its own page talking about the score and releases as well. Included in the release is a multiple page booklet detailing the process behind scoring the first two films as well as other information from behind the scenes.

Track NameTime
Opening Titles0:36
Incident at Isla Nublar (Film Version)2:24
The Encased Mosquito1:15
Entrance of Mr. Hammond1:09
Journey To The Island8:55
Stalling Around2:36
Hatching Baby Raptor (Film Version)2:05
You Bred Raptors?0:40
The History Lesson (Film Version)1:33
Jurassic Park Gate2:04
Goat Bait2:25
The Saboteur0:48
Ailing Triceratops2:35
The Coming Storm (Film Version)1:26
Dennis Steals the Embryos5:04
Race to the Dock1:18
The Falling Car and the T-Rex Chase4:59
A Tree For My Bed2:13
Remembering Petticoat Lane2:49
My Friend, The Brachiosaurus (Film Version)1:50
Life Finds A Way1:26
System Ready0:47
To The Maintenance Shed4:12
High-Wire Stunts4:09
Hungry Raptor2:09
The Raptor Attack2:50
T-Rex Rescue and Finale7:42
Welcome to Jurassic Park8:03
Theme from Jurassic Park3:31
Welcome to Jurassic Park (Film Version)7:58