Jurassic Bungalow Forum Retrofit

We took a few steps over the last couple weeks to retrofit the Jurassic Bungalow forum to be more user-friendly for those that don’t have social media and wish to help out on the encyclopedia process here on Jurassic-Pedia. We merged some parts of the message board like Fan Fiction, Fan Art, & Multimedia into a Fan Works forum. Outside of this we also added a few areas for those wishing to help out on the encyclopedia or join up that don’t have social media. Though there is a caveat here and that is that we want all potential and prospective contributors to be at least 16 years of age or older. If you are under the age, feel free to e-mail us about your situation and don’t forget to get parental permission! We will make special considerations based on circumstance to those that are under age depending on the situation. If we do elect to bring someone on board that is under the age of 16 then we will have you scan in a permission form with your parent/guardian’s signature. Everybody is allowed to register on the forums with parental permission if they are under the age of thirteen though too.

So this is our list of changes here, we added the following under the Communications category: News Room – this is for official news or announcements that will directly affect the project; lastly, Encyclopedia Submissions/Review – Basically a way for someone to jump on and notify if there’s something we missed or error otherwise to get our attention a bit quicker. There are two sub forums that are pretty self explanatory, but we’ll go over those as well: Membership Application/Requests – basically if you filled out the form on being a contributor for the site we will end up posting it here that we received and let you know what our exact decision is here. The last forum added in this category would be our Analysis and Breakdown Articles for the main site. The intention on that forum is for us to work on articles we plan to feature on the site in the canonical analysis & notes to promote discussion as well as highlight things that people might have missed, inconsistencies with the information, or even information that the readers didn’t know about behind the scenes while making the film.

Our big three are still here that we started the board with. Sections like, Announcements is for board news and board announcements, Costume Guides still remains a staple on our forum so we can get the layout together on the forum before introducing it on the site itself as well as work out any potential issues with the articles, and lastly Help Desk remains open for issues with the forum system or inquiries, mostly a place to get help if you’re having a technical issue.

I would like to thank everybody for their support since our launch and into the future, we look forward to expanding the site as we begin to grow!

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