Human Skeletal Remains (S/F)

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Within the Isla Sorna Aviary  holding the mutated Pteranodon is evidence that a number of people fell victim to the flying reptiles. During the 2001 mission to rescue Eric Kirby; the Kirbies, along with Alan Grant and Billy Brennan were forced into entering the Aviary by the Spinosaurus. Once moving inside, Eric was taken by one of the Pteranodon to be fed to her offspring. There, he is dropped down into a bed of bones. These bones consist of at least one skull and a multitude of femurs and other bones. This would suggest that more than one person has become the Pteranodon‘ prey. The identity of the victims, however, is conjectural, although it is suggested the bones belong to those of careless workers  from when the Aviary was still being worked by InGen.