Hammond Foundation (C/N)

The Hammond Foundation was an organization established by John Hammond, and appeared to be mainly used for fundraising and academic grants. By 1989, the Hammond Foundation had been funding Dr. Alan Grant’s paleontological digs $30,000 a year, for three years. The Foundation had become notorious for its unexplained stockpiling of amber, exclusive funding of dinosaur digs in colder, more northern locales, and the leasing of an island from the government of Costa Rica. In addition to this, bioengineering company InGen had become known for shipping three ultra-powerful CRAY X-MP supercomputers and twenty-four Hood automated gene sequencers to the island, and bizarrely contacting Alan Grant through their legal counsel, Donald Gennaro, requesting consultancy on (particularly juvenile) dinosaur care. Eventually, an investigation into the perceived suspicious activity was launched by the Environmental Protection Agency, which was conducted at least in part by Bob Morris, a lawyer who approached Grant regarding his connection to the company. It is not known if the Hammond Foundation was a subsidiary of InGen or an independent organization.