Gasoline Drums Storage Shed – Isla Sorna (C/N)

The storage shed for the gasoline drums is located on Isla Sorna, accessible by a path next to the tennis courts. It has two wooden doors, one with a rusted metal sign on in. In flaking red lettering, the sign said “PRECAUCION”, “NON FUMARE”, and “INFLAMMABLE”. The shed itself is small, about twelve feet by twelve feet. Inside are a dozen rusty gasoline drums standing on end, as well as three or four lying on their sides, all empty. The shed was discovered by Jack Thorne in his search for gasoline. After failing to find supplies, Thorne became aware of the two Carnotaurs that were waiting in the tennis courts. The dinosaurs approached the shed and one of them entered it before being driven off by Sarah Harding and Richard Levine. After the threat was gone, Thorne left the shed and the empty gasoline drums.