Seeking Help & Information for these Articles

Talk about all subjects related to the films regarding the entries for story, characters, dinosaurs, and so forth.
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Seeking Help & Information for these Articles

Post by TyrannosaurTJ » Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:10 pm

So I'm bringing together a "to-do" list of stuff we need for the film-canon aspects of the franchise. Below is what I've composed so far.

- We need incident articles for JP3's events, JW's events, and JWFK's events. These new articles should be added to the Events (S/F) category once completed and the Film Timeline updated to link to them individually. Basically you're taking the plot of whatever the film was and summarizing it in-universe and giving it the year the movie was released as the title of the article.

- Next thing we need is a film article written for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. You know the drill.

- Dino Rivals toy article (I should be able to do this at some point here.)

Outside of those big articles we definitely need some additional information and write ups for the following to do for article integration for the film-canon aspects of the franchise:

Blue VR experience
Jurassic World Live Tour
The Evolution of Claire novel.

The three listed first are most likely canonical and should have priority with the article creation and updates to established articles like Claire Dearing's and Blue's for instance. Live Tour I don't expect anyone to really do for now though. It is just listed there because it will be canonical according to official channels. The other ones below are unknown on their canonical status so they "might be" or "might not" be at this point. We do need to get something together for all of them in the event they are soft canon with aspects of and aren't.

Jurassic World VRSE
The Dave and Buster's Jurassic World arcade game
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