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Das Rules

Unread post by Lord Kristine » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:45 pm

This community is provided here for the intents and purposes for the staff (as well as those looking to help) on this site to interact and demonstrate a measure of transparency behind working on the encyclopedia. As such, we require everybody to maintain a positive environment for everyone to feel welcome and participate in the process.

1. Remember to human! The people on the other end of the computer screen have thoughts, feelings, and aspirations just like you so it is important you realize the impact of your words! Ask yourself "How would someone react if I said this to them in person?" and if the answer is "bad" or "not good" don't do the thing!
2. Be respectful. We don't all have to like each other, but we do need to be civil and friendly for the peace of the board.
3. Be thoughtful when posting! Meaning, please be posting content that is worthwhile. So pointless posts please don't do around here!
4. Be kind by being assertive, but don't demand or boss! We are all people on the other end. Even the hybrids! It is important to say "please" and "thank you" if you are asking someone to do something or if you need help. While it isn't always a rule - it is just plain old good manners.
5. Be constructive. If someone asks for criticism, please be forward and helpful with your issues with what they are doing. Don't just say something flat out sucks. Be specific, be kind, and be respectful in your criticisms.
6. No arguing, no personal attacks, no hate speech, no political posts, no religious posts, and/or no other nasty behaviors. It's important to keep a positive fandom environment for past, present, and even future discussions.

We hope to maintain a positive environment for discussion and decorum overall! Welcome to Jurassic-Pedia! Any questions, comments, or concerns please don't be afraid to reach out to me via PM or any of the other moderators. If you have a technical or encyclopedia issue please don't be afraid to PM TyrannosaurTJ or CT-1138 for guidance.

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