Research Protocol

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Research Protocol

Unread post by TyrannosaurTJ » Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:47 pm

Be objective.
Be impartial.
Be logical.
Be open-minded and prepared to be proven wrong.
Follow the Scientific Method in a lot of respects to what you do.
Present all sides of the matter if there are. Not just the ones you agree with. This requires objectivity and impartiality.
No fan will ever use their position on here to alter fact or supplant their own “fanon” or desires into the Jurassic Park canons through any means on the encyclopedia whatsoever.
No one should use the encyclopedia in seeking personal fame or political gain ever.
All educated guesses must have evidence backing the claim. If there’s multiple interpretations or multiple lines of said evidence then it must be presented or discussed to showcase it all in the article.

Treat articles seriously. Like an academic assignment at school or even an academic paper
Be informative – Longer is better to the reader. Plus have plenty of images
Educate yourself – Research to find the information if it is not presented.
Do not address the reader at all. Keep all articles in-universe as possible
Feel free to add some humor about recurring themes in entries. I love the funny, everybody love the funny.
Add pictures where applicable. Preferably an image for each paragraph from left to right down the page.
Make sure alignments of picture do not make the text of the article look messy.
No quackery, wank, or fanon – Head canons are great, so long as they stay in your head. If there is a need for speculation to be included then it must be indicated and have support for it and be inferenced from evidence in unbiased fashion.. So ask questions like, is it indirectly confirmed or directly confirmed? What else could it indicate? List all options and all interpretations. An example of popular fanon is the term “Rexy” for the female Rex on Nublar from JP and TLW. What evidence is there for this? What’s the source? What is the dissenting source? (i.e. The toys movie card #64 for example calls her “Gulper”


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