Jurassic Park: Adventures - Survivor is Film-Canon

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Jurassic Park: Adventures - Survivor is Film-Canon

Post by TyrannosaurTJ » Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:23 pm

It was confirmed on Twitter the other day that Jurassic Park: Survivor book concerning Eric Kirby's 8-weeks on Isla Sorna is considered canonical or at least to have happened in the film-canon family minus the discrepancies it held.

As such I did a couple updates regarding the JN entries and transferring their information to the corresponding Film-Canon entries (Eric Kirby, Isla Sorna: Site B entry) to correspond with this change. I also created entries for those that did not exist in the film-canon from Survivor (example: Iggy, Iguanodon, Diplodocus). This will hold a position both still in the JN canon and the S/F canon family though.

The other two books in the Jurassic Park: Adventures series (Prey and Flyers) are however not considered hard canon according to what we know. Elements may be included later much like Jurassic Park: The Game and some Trespasser elements made its way into the new trilogy's viral media/marketing campaigns.


Here is the proof for confirmation. Again, Jack Ewins is tied to doing the viral media for the production of the new set of films and therefore was granted the authority by NBC Universal. So basically his word is law at this point until something changes (if anything ever does).

Feel free to discuss it here of course if needed.
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