Art: My DeviantArt - Jurassic Park Wallpapers

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Art: My DeviantArt - Jurassic Park Wallpapers

Unread post by TyrannosaurTJ » Tue May 16, 2017 9:51 am

Back on JPL I used to make a lot of wallpapers when we first started the site. That said my inspiration has more or less flat lined to being something a bit periodic. I'm hoping I can get back into it again here with enough time and operating the normalcy of the encyclopedia. Here is a gallery of the ones I created that I am proud of: ... assic-Park

I know one should watermark their work and I had thought about it, but I feel it can and does hurt the use as a desktop wallpaper. That said, I do occasionally scour eBay and find someone using my art for their own product and I do get understandably frustrated with it.

As for other pieces of art, I've done some PaleoArt as well as some Transformers Wallpapers I'm proud of as well.

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