Jurassic Park - Stranded

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Jurassic Park - Stranded

Post by TyrannosaurTJ » Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:03 pm

This is a Fan-fiction I wrote when I was 16 going on 17. It definitely went through a couple rewrites and different incarnations of it over the years to improve the quality and work out the continuity problems. I feel this version of the re-write here is the best one.

Jurassic Park: Stranded

May 28th, 1997:
It was midday after noon and the sun beat down on the grassy area with intense heat.
Alone, Left behind, Miserable Island. John Razaam thought to himself as he was stranded on Isla Sorna.
He was one of the original hunters on the hunter party and got separated. To him it felt like it was two weeks since he signed on to this miserable hunting trip, but the heat – his fatigue, and the fact he was running for his life had made it seem like two weeks when it was only a week and possibly several days.
Hunt a dinosaur, be paid a fortune, what a wonderful idea!? He thought sarcastically to himself about it as he walked and repositioned his gun on his shoulder thoughtfully. At least his friend was with him, Leonard Heath; Leonard excelled in hunting and tracking animals and they had worked together before. Both men were in about their earlier thirties or so, Leonard had black hair and blue eyes and his favorite weapon was held in his hands at the moment, a semi-automatic G3 assault rifle with an infrared sight. John had brown hair and green eyes and had a G3 assault rifle as well slung over his shoulder. Leonard wore woodland camouflage pants like some of the hunters had worn with a torn jean jacket and black t-shirt underneath, John had mismatched clothing on and wore a red and blue flannelled shirt and khaki pants along with a “safari” vest that was a slate grey of sorts.
They were low on food and they needed to kill something soon to eat it if they didn’t find anymore rations or MRE’s they were using. They were nearing the town that the expedition had planned to rendezvous at to escape this island, but when the adult Tyrannosaurs attacked the temporary base camp John and Leonard both ran in the opposite direction of where the town was and got disoriented heavily disoriented from the adrenaline and chaos of the situation. A day went by and they found that they were in fact heading in the wrong direction away from the town. They had spent the twenty-seventh of May trekking back to where they were supposed to be after realizing they had lost their way. It was a miserable experience, a miserable experience that both men wished they could be free of soon. They came to this grassy plain in the early morning finding remnants of a backpack, which they immediately picked up and took the rations from. John frowned; the backpack had a spot of blood on it.
“I don’t like this.”
“Well what would you like?” asked Leonard. Leonard looked around as he heard the wind blow by in rush briefly and then sarcastically stated, “We’re stranded on an island with dinosaurs on it. Stealing food is the least of our problems.”
John shook his head and shifted the backpack into the site of Leonard so he could see the blood. Leonard immediately felt sick again and spoke quickly.
“Sorry, I didn’t know.”
“Don’t worry about it. The heat is making us irritable and pissy and personally I don’t blame you one bit for being resentful about this God forsaken island.” said John.
After they collected their rations they moved into the field further and found the chewed remains of a hunter that looked like the bloated carcass of Ajay Sidhu.
“Great…That’s Ajay. Remember him?” asked Leonard barely above a whisper.
“I’m trying not to. I don’t want my last memory of that chap being his chewed carcass.”
The two hunters moved slowly further into the grassy field cautious of their ever-growing surroundings around them. There was a snorting in the distance, almost sounding like the purr of an angry tiger. Both men looked around quickly and saw nothing, just they only heard the rustling of the gentle wind blowing against the grass now. After standing still for a moment, John issued a hand signal. The truth was John and Leonard were in the armed forces together and served together in Desert Storm; John was Lieutenant of the squad Leonard was in and became good friends after the war’s end. It was now a couple of ex-military guys turned hunters now stranded on an island full of dinosaurs and they were using their training from memory the best they could.
Leonard’s thoughts dwelled on Desert Storm for a bit on how John had saved his life from a few Iraqis that had him pinned down. The memory was so long ago and was an unwelcome distraction given the situation the two men had found themselves in.
John and Leonard decided to move after everything remained quiet for a moment and continued to walk this time a little faster and more cautiously. John’s hand flew up again and he gave the wait signal with his hand. John took his rifle off of his shoulder and held it in his hands as he added a sniper sight to it from his pack as the snorting sound came again and this time it was closer then before. Leonard smelt the air and signaled with his hand that it was a Velociraptor as the rotten odor of the carnivore filled the air. He signaled “contact left” as they heard the snorting again and it sounded like it was right on top of them this time. Leonard aimed his gun along with John toward the sound the sound to their left. Off to their left was more field, but in front of them was the way to the town and they knew it. They wished they could move to the town, but doing so would cause the Velociraptors to spring their trap all the sooner. They were going to remain motionless against this enemy and gun it down along with its’ pack mates when it attacked.
The men held their rifles steadily, and shifted them as they heard the Velociraptors move with the footsteps thudding on the ground around them in a circle, but they did not attack yet, they were hesitant for some reason. Leonard shifted his gun to the right to cover John’s back, while John kept his aim to the left to cover Leonard’s back as the intense smell of death and decay washed over them both instantly. The sweet smell was intoxicating and it nearly overpowered their empty stomachs to the point where they wanted to heave on the grounds in front of them.
In the distance both men heard a loud bellow from the tree line back in the distance they had just came from. It didn’t sound anything like the familiar Tyrannosaurus roar they had heard time and time again, but this time the bellow came from a dinosaur with a sail they encountered just north of here and had spent the last day or so avoiding to get back on track.
The Velociraptors nearby revealed their position along with three others as they looked at the larger carnivore and turned their attention to it considering their prey now forfeit and lost. John and Leonard saw this opportunity and moved closer to the cliff edge unnoticed by the Velociraptors. The large carnivore with the head of a crocodile started to move toward the Velociraptors at an aggressive and fast pace because it in fact saw the humans and wanted to attack them. In retaliation the Velociraptors hissed at this unwelcome and uninvited guest that was further entering into their territory and instantly went on the defensive. The Velociraptors had shifted their priority from hunger to defense – defense against this unknown animal. The animal with the sail represented a greater threat to the Velociraptors and their territory as this area of the island was already filled with carnivores. John and Leonard now ran to the cliff-face as the animal with the sail attacked the brown and tiger-striped Velociraptors that got into its path. It wasn’t hungry for the Velociraptors though, it wanted the humans it saw and it was quickly gaining ground despite the attacks from the Velociraptors.
“This can’t be good, John.” whispered Leonard.
“I’m beginning to agree with you.” whispered John.
They began to jump down the cliff and slid down sloping and slippery rock as the large carnivore was right above them and lunged for Leonard. Fortunately for Leonard the Sail-Backed animal missed as a Velociraptor from behind hopped up onto the animal’s back attacking by clawing into its rib cage.
The sail backed animal let out a high-pitched yowl that would make anyone’s ears hurt if they were in proximity of the loud roar.
As the animals above battled by growling, clawing and biting at each other spilling hot blood flew nearly every where. The humans slid down until they reached the bottom of the sloping cliff. They had landed lying down in the dirt only to open their eyes to see a massive amount of dinosaur bones, decaying and stinky dinosaur bones, at the bottom of this cliff. The two men got up slowly trying to recover from the fall and yet be on alert for danger as they did so. As John brushed dirt off of his clothes he gave Leonard a helping hand up. They picked up their packs and guns quickly as they headed toward the worker village. As they walked the bones of the decaying animals soon turned into man made structures, and they could see in the distance from their vantage point an electric fence along with the main gate into the town that read:

“We Make Your Future”

Both men stopped when they heard a little hooting noise coming from somewhere off in the opposite direction. John and Leonard regarded each other for a brief moment.
“I didn’t know that owls were here on this island.” said Leonard quietly.
“I didn’t know redwood forests were here either in addition to tropical plants, so the fact there’s an owl on this island doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.” responded John in a wry comment.
Leonard and John looked and saw the sun glistening off of a few run-down automobiles as they entered the town; they took the moment and whispered to each other.
“Something tells me we’re not going to be happy with the results from this place.”
“Bad feeling?” asked John to Leonard
“A bit”
“A bad feeling? You mean, like in Kuwait?”
Leonard nodded as both men heard the owl sound again this time closer.
“I think we’re about to have company.” said John looking at the bushes behind them again.
“Ah…hell, not again.” said Leonard as he held his gun up to scan the tree line for anything that could be a threat.
“I’ll be real happy when we got out of this miserable place.” added John as they scanned through the buildings and automobiles looking for signs of life.
They were doing this rather stealthily as they made their way to the taller of the building. They saw where someone had been digging to make their way out along with where an, what looked like managed to get through. Both men stopped and were startled for a moment by the dead and impaled Velociraptor that was lying on a pile of debris. John and Leonard both looked up at the top window and saw a hole.
“Someone must’ve kicked that damn thing out and got lucky. Wonder who could pull that off.”
“Probably that Ian Malcolm or Nick Van Owen fellow we picked up as it looked like most of the expedition was killed in the Velociraptor field we just came from. Those two seemed like they would be strong enough to do something like that.”
“What about the woman?”
“Doctor Harding? Oh Leonard you’re the one with that thing for strong red-heads. Besides she was with Dr. Malcolm, you didn’t stand a chance and what would your wife think?” said John smiling.
“Who cares? She might actually be happy I’ve moved on from her” said Leonard with a chuckle. Leonard continued into being serious for a moment, “Besides with the divorce being processed I’m on the open market again.”
The two decided to enter into the building to rest for a moment. As they entered into the tall building, John moved a piece of wood to cover the gapping hole relatively anything could get into. He looked over afterwards to see that Leonard had opened up his pack and pulled out the dinosaur field guides they carried.
“What I want to know is what is chasing us…” said Leonard half to himself.
“Know thy enemy?” asked John as he did the same.
“Indeed.” Leonard said as he shifted through the cards until he came across an animal with a crocodilian snout, but no sail. “That’s funny, this field guide says the large carnivore that began chasing us a few days ago is a Barry-onyx.” He struggled with the word and said it again “a baryonyx? But that’s funny considering my little boy at home told me the ones with the sails are Spinosaurus – it’s his favorite dinosaur actually – how odd though.” said Leonard as he thought of home for the first time in a while. Him and his wife back at home were going through a divorce over financial reasons, Leonard hadn’t been having luck with jobs and he would often have recurring nightmares from his time in the war, making it harder on him, his now ex-wife, and his son.
“So inGen screwed up with naming their animals?” asked John
“Could be, I remember the pictures of Spinosaurus I saw saying it had a head for a T-rex or something like that. Do you think inGen was into crossbreeding animals?”
“Hell if I should know Leonard. I only work here” said John half laughing quietly to him self through sleep delirium
Leonard just looked at John for a moment and sat quietly on the dirty floor of the inside of the tall building for the moment. They were safe for now and both tired from the trek back here along with the substantial excitement.
“I’ll take first watch.” said Leonard as he stood up to see that John had in fact already dozed off. “Some things never change.”

Leonard stood for a moment and looked around inside the building before he decided to open up the door behind him to step out and explore the area surrounding the building more closely. He didn’t want to stray too far from his friend, but he surveyed the area regardless. John would be safe, they had secured the building and the only way in now was the door that stood behind him.

John woke up with blurry vision to see a shadow towering over him.
“Okay Leonard. I’ll go ahead and take watch now.” said John half-awake/half-asleep.
“Leonard?” asked John after no response as he looked up and realized it wasn’t Leonard, but a large two crested animal. It cocked its head playfully and let out a soft hoot, he recognized this animal. It was a carnivore and straightened himself up on his back slowly with his gun pointed at it. It let out a coo and stood taller than him now when it got up from its haunches. He vaguely recalled having a sharp pain in his side while he slept and that he felt like he was being shaken. He thought it was just a dream, but the thing had been nudging him while he slept and he immediately grew afraid from this new visitor. He looked down and saw he was soaked in his blood on his side from where it had bitten into him and he felt dizzy. He picked up his gun and put it to the animal’s head as it moved backwards and hissed. The animal let out another hiss as it escaped and John simultaneously shot at it. The Dilophosaurus departed quickly now from the opened hole in the rear door that John had not secured correctly. John fell down again to cough and wheeze from the pain and the dizziness he felt.

Gun shots, shit thought Leonard to himself as he ran back to the tall building in the town. Leonard stormed through the door to see John hazily and inaccurately point the gun to him only to put it down.
“Are you alright John?” he asked frantically
“I just got bit by some two crested lizard thing! Of course I’m not alright. Where were you anyways?” said John in a panic as his words slurred together.
“Looking for a radio.” said Leonard as he surveyed the bite by pulling up John’s shirt. “The bite looks infected. Can you walk?”
“I feel a little dizzy Leonard, I’m not sure.” said John as he tried to pick himself up again after falling down. Leonard helped him up off the floor of the tall building and John let out a sharp howl of pain from being touched on the bite wound.
“Sorry.” said Leonard as John did a thumbs up to signify he was okay for the moment.

Leonard and John moved out of the tall building, past the lodge to the Operations Center. The two men climbed the stairs quickly, even though John was leaving a trail of blood behind him. As they made it within the building the first thing they saw a mural with “Jurassic Park” on it. Both men paying it neither heed nor care then saw the usual amount of offices and cubicles. They walked quickly turned right down the abandoned building’s dirty hallway as they reached First Aid station. Leonard then proceeded to lay John down on the cot that was being overtaken by mold that he tried to scrape it off and checked frantically around the First Aid office for some sort of disinfectant or bite first aide. He pulled out something that said something about treating Dilophosaurus bites or venom. There was another for another animal called ‘Compsognathus’ as well.
“John, what bit you? Can you hear me John?” asked Leonard frantically as he slapped his friend’s face softly to get him to come to.
“It was a lizard.” said John rather distantly
“John, be more specific we’re on an island full of fucking giant lizards here.”
“It was one of those two-crested things, Dilophomappotamus or something like that.” said John; he was losing his ability for coherency more so.
Leonard looked for a syringe and stuck it into the bottle, hoping it was still sterile, aside from the mold on the cot that John laid upon. The place still seemed rather clean. He took the syringe and injected it into John’s arm and John winced in pain as the needle was stuck into his arm. Leonard let out a sigh of relief as he then worked on a field dressing for John’s bite wound. Leonard moved and sat over in the chair and relaxed as the sun began to set outside. The moldy smell of the Operations Center filled his nose, he wondered if the radio was here and wondered if the had the proper frequencies to contact the outside world. He sat and hoped he would head home soon and hoped he never had to look at another damn live dinosaur again as long as he lived.

He awoke to find John lying, motionless in the position he was on the table, he looked at his watch and he estimated he was asleep for four hours. He stood up and peered out of the room and saw nothing, but the harsh luminescent lights of the Worker town. He saw the ‘Spinosaurus’ or ‘Baryonyx with a sail’ eating something outside, its pebbly skin and large sail stood out. He looked back at John who still remained motionless on the table; Leonard grew worried and approached him to find a few small green dinosaurs on him, eating. Leonard took a step back and felt horrified by what he saw; they took his dear friend and former commanding officer’s life while he slept! Leonard started to feel sick and instantly vomited on the floor in front of him. It was all he could do to not bash every one of those bastard Compy’s little brains out. He knew if he grabbed one they would all swarm him, he heard about what happened to Deiter when he talked to Ajay about where the town was, nearly four nights ago when the Tyrannosaurs attacked the base camp.
Leonard walked up to John’s corpse to pull the dog tags the man wore still from his time in the military. One of the Compsognathus hissed at him and he pulled his hand back quickly to avoid being bitten and causing a swarm. He reached down and pulled one of the dog tags quickly and grabbed John’s pack. He would tell the man’s wife and family how he was brave in this little camping trip ran by that pompous little bastard, Peter Ludlow.
Leonard, misty eyed about his friend picked up what was left and moved out of the room. He walked through the dirty, jungle reclaimed hallways keeping his eye out for any Velociraptors or the Spinosaurus to notice him. He came in contact with the reception area again and the wall with the dirty mural that he disregarded on his entrance. Like this hunting trip he had gone on he looked up at the mural and realized that this too was from a forgotten and dead dream. Still, Leonard looked at the “Jurassic Park” mural in amazement of what could have been. Then John, his friend, would still be alive, but he had to keep his mind on here and now and he had to get out of here. The lights were on in the building – and outside - for the most part and he navigated the hallways as quietly as he could do. He reached a room that looked like it had a radio in it.
Leonard peered in and saw a clip board on it, and picked it up, he saw the frequencies for the inGen harvest base – which no longer was valid likely – and a few military frequencies, one of them being a base. He hoped the radio transceiver still worked as he thumbed the frequency in.
“This is Leonard Heath of the InGen ‘Lost World’ Expedition calling anyone – I need help, mayday, Over.”
Leonard began to sweat. He began to repeat himself and once again static. He then switched channels and repeated himself once more.
“This is the United States Coast Guard, sent by the United Nations and the Department of Biological Preserves of Costa Rica to watch Isla Sorna. We are tracking your frequency now. Over”
“Oh thank God! I’m one of the surviving members of the expedition from two weeks ago. My coordinates here…” Leonard read from the map next to him marking the Operation Center “…I just need an air lift out of here, please! Over,”
“Sir, are there any other survivors? Over,”
“There was, but…he’s gone. It is just me here now. Over” the note was solemn in his mind now. He wished John was still alive.
“We’re en route; we’ll be there within 15 minutes. Over and out,”
Leonard stood up and gathered his things, while he gathered his backpack and John’s possessions he brought with him he didn’t notice that a Dilophosaurus, the same one that made its way into the tall building they had briefly stayed in was standing in the dark end of the hall way staring at him, silently with it’s sinister glowing yellowing eyes staring at him.
The Dilophosaurus stayed out of sight and it was terribly hungry as it stood in reception, like a statue. It watched as Leonard had picked up his possessions and began to wait patiently for the helicopter to arrive. The Dilophosaurus heard the hum of the blades in the distance and stood up to its full height and let out a loud hiss as it opened up it’s fan and spat at the human.
The attack came noticed from behind him noticed Leonard as the animal spat at him. As Leonard ducked he saw he barely missed the venom attack as the black tarish goo of stinging spit had landed on his fore-arm. He turned his head in the opposite direction as the Dilophosaurus moved towards him and ran for the stairs firing randomly at it behind him but missing the entire time. Leonard was terrified he didn’t want to turn to shoot at it only for one of those globs to come and nail him in the eyes. He didn’t want to get the venom on his eyes he re-affirmed, especially after being this close to being rescued from this island. He could hear that the helicopter was coming closer and he would soon be getting off the island. He made it up the stairs to see the helicopter coming in the distance and knelt with his gun in the aimed position; he smelt the smell of the jungle and dried vomit on his hand.
As bad luck would have it the Spinosaurus had heard the exchange of gun shots, Dilophosaurus hooting, and the resulting panic-driven footsteps from him running up the stairs of the Helipad. The Helipad shook as he heard the loud high-pitched roar and thunderous steps of the Spinosaurus and then felt the helipad shake as the Spinosaurus now smelt him and grabbed a hold of the pad with its powerful forearms.
God damn it! he thought. He could see the helicopter now, coming, it’s lights illuminating the jungle, he started waving his hands toward the lights, he could see by the pilot as he was moving closer to rescue him. The Spinosaur let out a loud roar and began rocking the Helipad violently again, but it remained stable for the most part thankfully. The Helicopter couldn’t risk landing and had to drop down a mesh ladder for Leonard to climb up upon.
“Come on! Let’s go!” yelled one of the people from the megaphone in the chopper. Leonard grabbed the ladder and started to climb when he felt something painful and sharp stick into his foot as the Helipad shook again. He looked down to find that the Dilophosaurus had bitten into his foot. He looked up at the man in the chopper who was moving for his cross-drawn fire arm on his tactical vest to pull it out to fire on the Dilophosaurus, Leonard was already feeling weak from the effects of the venom and began to fall back, the man from above shot at the Dilophosaurus but missed. Leonard let go of the ladder as he was yanked from it by the Dilophosaurus violently as it moved to bite his upper left thigh and got a better hold on him.
The Helicopter had to move quickly as it was already too late for Leonard Heath. Leonard Heath had fallen backwards and looked up at the two-crested animal and smelt the smell of death coming for him, his death. He felt the sharp pain of the teeth, the numbing effect of the venom, the Spinosaurus below stopped moving the helipad from below, and then the bloody maw of the Dilophosaurus moving towards his face, suddenly as his hope of rescue had been taken away the icy hand of death had snuffed his life from him.
The Dilophosaurus tore ragged flesh from the man’s face gobbling it down happily much like a over-eager child as the man’s lifelessness had arrived. The two hunters had become the hunted. They were now stranded on Isla Sorna in death forever.
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