Film-Canon Timeline

“Fifteen years ago John Hammond had a dream.” — Peter Ludlow, The Lost World: Jurassic Park,1997


Isla Nublar is discovered by Spanish Navigator Diego Fernandez. It is named ‘Cloud Island’ by Nicolas de Huelva, possibly due to the clouds of black smoke emanating from Mt. Sibo. This is also the date when the volcano was last geologically active, until the present time.


Las Cinco Muertes archipelago is discovered. (Disputed)


Original date suggested for the birth date of John Parker Hammond by Neopaleontology display in the Innovation Center on Isla Nublar.


Masrani Global backdoor’s (password: Indominus) timeline and Trespasser says this is the year when John Parker Hammond is born in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Sanjay Masrani born in Bombay (Mumbai), British India.


Simon Masrani born in Bombay (Mumbai), India.


John Hammond’s first animal preserve, dubbed “Animal Kingdom“, opens to the public in Nairobi, Kenya. Hammond hires Robert Muldoon

February 16, 1973

Masrani Global established by Sanjay Masrani, with founding of Mascom, in Mumbai, India.


International Genetic Technologies founded by John Parker Hammond in San Diego, California. With locations in Palo Alto and Europe.


Mascom utilizes fiber-optic communications into telecommunications network.


Nima says she left Isla Nublar around this time. This slightly predate’s InGen’s resettlement of the island’s native tribe.


InGen leases Isla Sorna from the Costa Rican government.


Mascom Telecommunications network launches in India, and construction begins on Jurassic Park: San Diego.


Hammond also begins funding Grant’s research at some point.  The first test fertilization of an artificial ovum transpires successfully. Wu is likely brought on at this date and begins working. Tatsuo Technology is founded in 1984 in Japan.


InGen moves to be based out of Palo Alto (According to the InGen Handbook that was offered with the game, InGen was founded in 1985 out of Palo Alto, California with operations in Europe, South Pacific, and San Diego. Stating they moved operations from San Diego to Palo Alto is a retcon) 1985 also saw the year that Hammond hired Dr. Laura Sorkin. (According to the InGen Handbook that came with Jurassic Park: The Game). Wu begins working with Sorkin and shows he can bring back the dinosaurs in a fraction of the time than Sorkin can. Dr. Sorkin becomes resentful and a pain to InGen from this point on, opting to work in the field. (Note: It’s implied in JPTG that Sorkin was hired first before Wu, but the Masrani Global viral site possibly indicates otherwise.)

Jurassic Park: San Diego is halted and indefinitely suspended at this time. Isla Nublar is then leased from the Costa Rican government. InGen offers to relocate the native peoples along with providing education and medical care and assistance. Oscar and the remaining members of Bribri Tribe are removed from Isla Nublar by the Costa Rican government and moved to the mainland in the ghettos.


First dinosaur, a Velociraptor, is cloned on InGen’s Facilities on Site B (Isla Sorna).


The last of Bribri tribe were resettled on the Costa Rican mainland.


Construction of Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar begins by breaking ground in 1988.  Dr. Sorkin is granted her field lab on Nublar in an effort to show she can still be of use by correcting Wu’s mistakes as a field scientist.


First mature animals moved from InGen’s Site B on Isla Sorna to the Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar location.


Sanjay Masrani dies. Simon Masrani succeeds his father as head of the company.

1992 (?) or 1993 (?) – May or June

Building continues on Isla Nublar until Jophery, a gatekeeper, is significantly injured (or killed) by a Velociraptor during a transfer to the holding pen. Major construction comes to a halt on Isla Nublar leaving many structures unfinished until Hammond receives endorsements from outside opinions. It is at this time Drs. Grant, Sattler-Degler, and Malcolm are all approached to come and give their opinion on the park.

June 11th/12th/13th, 1992 (?) or 1993 (?)

The events of Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: The Game take place. See The 1993 Isla Nublar Incident.

**Note: There is a small debate over which year the first film took place. All of the vehicles in the first film are the ’92 models as well as during the Luncheon scene is a projected year for opening is in 1993 behind Donald Gennaro. If the movie does take place in 1992 it makes the fact the Site B facilities were left alone for four years per Hammond’s statement altogether more accurate.**

After June 92 or 93 (?)

The Incident at Isla Nublar that starts the downward tail spin of InGen. Sarah Harding ventures to see Dr. Malcolm in Costa Rica to see if the rumors of resurrected dinosaurs were true. Ian Malcolm violates his non-disclosure agreement by speaking publicly about what happened on Isla Nublar. He eventually loses his tenure at the University he works at for “allegedly” receiving money although he denied ever accepting any. InGen braces for Hurricane Clarissa, and proceeds to evacuate and close down operations on Site B later in 1993. Ideas for re-establishing a theme park are lost by what Hammond considers “an act of god” shortly after. Hammond turns from Capitalist to Naturalist within these four years and eventually he falls ill and is eventually bed ridden by 1996/1997.

1994 – March? May? 22nd

The bottle to the left here indicates some research was active on Isla Sorna, giving the impression that the island wasn’t fully abandoned and left in isolation for four years as John Hammond said in the lead up to the events that took place in 1997 and the subsequent San Diego Incident. Outside of this, the specimen bottle is for Baryonyx and this could indicate a possible experimentation on the genome that lead to the creation of the Spinosaurus

1994 – November

Henry Wu returned to Isla Nublar in November 1994 to assist the clean-up teams in cataloging the animals and to determine how they were breeding.

Henry Wu releases his book ‘The Next Step: An Evolution of God’s Concepts’. This book details his ambition for creating brand new species.


Founding of Masrani Oil sector in Abu Dhabi. Data Analysys is founded in Johannesberg.

December 1996 – May 1997

In mid/late December 1996 a British family on a yacht cruise eventually stumbles upon InGen’s Site B. Cathy Bowman is injured severely by a pack of Compsognathus. Hammond says in his room that she was injured a “few weeks ago”, but litigation takes months to transpire. This would imply the events took place in January/February of 1997; however, the seasons don’t match up around Hammond’s residence in New York. The events of The Lost World: Jurassic Park began in 1996 and end in some point in 1997. They close with the San Diego Incident and the aftermath that will span the next four years (1997-2001) of the United Nations debating on what to do with InGen’s Site B.

Henry Wu and his research team at InGen create the ‘Karacosis Wutanis’ (Wu Flower). This accomplishment gains international media attention and sparks Masrani’s interest in acquiring InGen.

After May of 1997

Simon Masrani begins talks to acquire InGen. John Hammond dies.


The Gene Guard Act was enacted as a response to the San Diego Incident. This act gave cloned animals, especially dinosaurs, the same rights and protections of endangered species.

? 1997- 1998

Sometime during this period, InGen returns to Isla Sorna and began covert cloning of several species of dinosaurs intended for a future revival of Jurassic Park. These species included Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Corythosaurus, and Ankylosaurus.


Masrani Global formally acquires InGen. Experimental Wind Energy trials set by Masrani Oil. Jurassic World conceptual planning begins, with Masrani drawing experts from all over the company.


The United Nations grants limited access to Isla Sorna, InGen’s Site B, to Masrani Global. Simon Masrani witnesses the birth of a Parasaurolophus and is personally effected by it positively.


Dubai Based-Axis Boulder Engineering is founded by the Masrani company. Henry Wu is promoted to lead genetic biologist at InGen in December. Wu is brought into the Jurassic World project.

2001 (July 18th start?)

While parasailing, Eric Kirby and Ben Hildebrand became stranded on Isla Sorna, though Ben died shortly after becoming stranded, Eric survived on the island for eight weeks. The events of Jurassic Park III began (except for Eric Kirby’s survival on Isla Sorna, which took place during the preceding eight weeks); it is unclear exactly how long these events lasted or when they began. Paul and Amanda Kirby trick Alan Grant and Billy Brennan to accompany them to Isla Sorna to rescue their son. The Kirby family hires a mercenary team for protection, but it does them little good. Eventually the remaining survivors are rescued. While a flock of Pteranodons escape into the world. The reports by the survivors of the Spinosaur attack was buried in the official report after officials were bribed to stay silent by InGen.

After July of 2001

The loose Pteranodons that escaped from the Aviary on Isla Sorna are sighted over Canada in North America and the project to “clean up” is headed by new InGen Head of Security, Vic Hoskins.


Timack Construction established specifically for construction of Jurassic World. Jurassic World construction begins on Isla Nublar. Axis Boulder Engineering and Timack Construction are contracted for preparation and planning prior to construction. InGen security is present on the island as well, with construction materials costing 1.2 billion dollars.


Medixal Health is established in New York, USA.

March 2003

The Gene Guard act was revised to allow Masrani Global to continue to clone dinosaurs, the act was also relaxed under the pretense of ‘medical Advancement’.


Masrani alternative energies division acquires the Schwarz Dam in Germany.

June 2005

Jurassic World formally opens on Isla Nublar to 98,120 visitors in its first month. Masrani/InGen sign an agreement with the Costa Rican Environmental Protection society to formally protect the indigenous wildlife of Isla Nublar.


Mascom launched GPS navigation system ‘Centaurus’, utilizing five satellites. Aerospace Dynamix is founded in France.


Hybrid hatched April 05. Further information is restricted by Masrani Global.


Tatsuo Technology is acquired by Masrani Global.


InGen Siberia Facility starts construction, Mascom Tanius 6J launches, and I.B.R.I.S. (Integrated Behavioral Raptor Intelligence Study) Project Begins Development


Masrani Oil commissioned to build Cerberus Array off the coast of the U.K. Array powers 450MW of electricity from 120 turbines.


Masrani Aerospace begins development of 3-bladed wind Turbines, with projected completion of 2016. Masrani also commissioned to build wind turbines in South Africa, Philippines, South-west Australia.

InGen Siberia facility finally completed in November . The InGen facility in Siberia is formally named ‘Martel’. It consists of a rotating crew of nine scientists and 45 excavation crew. The project was intended to last 18 months, for the specific purpose of finding organic remains in the permafrost.

Winter months of 2015, possibly December

The 2015 Isla Nublar incident takes place possibly sometime in December 2015 approximately. Claire Dearing, supervisor of the Jurassic World project, inadvertently allows the Indominus rex hybrid to escape containment after having the animal evaluated. In turn this causes a cascade of events that ultimately lead to the shut down of the Isla Nublar Jurassic World facilities, Simon Masrani’s own death tragically, and subsequent evacuation of the guests that are on the island.  Vic Hoskins, the head of InGen’s Security division, concurrently enacts a plan to put to use Owen Grady‘s Raptor pack (part of the IBRIS project) after Masrani’s death to hunt down the Indominus and stop it after the visitors have been ushered to a safe zone on the island. It is found out that the Indominus hybrid had not only part T.rex, but part Velociraptor DNA in her genome. This causes the Raptor pack to turn on Owen and the ACU security team. Charlie, one of the Raptors in Owen’s pack, is killed by a stray rocket from a launcher. This brings their four member pack, down to three as she was the first casualty. As a result, Hoskins begins moving Wu, the other geneticists, and the bioengineering operation to a safe location away from Nublar to parts unknown. When Owen, Claire, and her nephews enter the Innovation Center they come across the indication that Hoskins ordered the evacuation of the science personnel and briefly explore the deserted Creation Lab. Eventually the survivors come across Hoskins himself. Hoskins is then killed by Delta, another Velociraptor from Owen’s pack. The survivors run through the Innovation Center and are chased by Delta. After getting briefly fooled by a Dilophosaurus hologram, Delta is joined by the other remaining members of the Raptor Pack as they corner the survivors composed of Claire Dearing, Owen Grady, and Claire’s nephews Zach and Gray Mitchell. Blue and the remaining Raptors decide to betray the Indominus. The remaining three Raptors: Blue, Delta, and Echo attack the Indominus and are unsuccessful. The Indominus is shown to have possibly killed both Delta and Echo in the resulting scuffle. Claire runs to the T.rex enclosure to let out the elderly female Tyrannosaurus for a final confrontation with the Indominus. Blue, the Tyrannosaurus, and the Mosasaurus end up killing the Indominus in a team effort. After the Mosasaur drags the Indominus to her watery grave, the T.rex and Blue stare at each other briefly before separating off to parts unknown. The survivors of the incident as well as evacuated guests and remaining staff depart the island completely deserting it altogether. It is suggested that the park is permanently shut down after these events.

Early 2016?

The United States Congress opens up inquiries into bio-ethical misconduct performed by InGen and Dr. Henry Wu.  Congress also opened up an inquiry as to the possible violation of the Gene Guard Act around this time.

February 2017

Mt. Sibo is reported by the Costa Rican Institute of Volcanology to be geologically active again for the first time in 500 years,

March 2017

Claire Dearing founds the Dinosaur Protection Group.  This organization spreads awareness for the plight of the remaining dinosaurs on Isla Nublar.

October 5 2017

Mt. Sibo’s Volcano Status Levels were set to ‘Significant Activity’ by the Costa Rican Institute of Volcanology.

September 2018

Planned march on Capitol Hill as part of a Dinosaur Protection Group protest.