Datousaurus bashanensis (JN)

“Chieftan Lizard” or “Big Head Lizard” discovered in Lower Shaximiao Formation in Dashanpu, Zigong Sichuan province, China in 1984 and named by Dong Zhiming and Tang. Datousaurus was 15 meters in length and its most prominent feature was its large skull. It is related to Shunosaurus and shares a many physical similarities. The difference that sets these two animals apart is the fact Datousaurus has an enlongated vertebrae that allows the animal to reach higher for its food. Datousaurus also features more spoon-shaped teeth, which were used for feeding on plants in the tree. These additional features in Datousaurus would lessen the competition between it and Shunosaurus. Datousaurus was only seen in the Jurassic Park 3 Junior Novelization being feasted upon by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.