Biggs (JN)

A twelve year old boy that accompanied Simon on his survival journey.  Slightly overweight, he had a habit of making jokes.  Assigned to be the cameraman, he filmed Simon as he described their purpose for being there.  Finding a group of Compsognathus later, he described them as being cute despite the danger the group knew the small dinosaurs presented.  When Matt brought out a thousand-watt lamp and lit it, it was discovered that there were several dozen of the dinosaurs.  While backing up, the group was attacked and barely managed to escape with minor injuries.

Later, when Eric Kirby found the group, Biggs approached Eric after they had been led around in circles by Simon and asked for an interview.  Eric responded by striking the cattle prod on the ground and told him to back off, and Biggs said that would make a great addition to their film.  When Matt accidentally ignited an entire bag of fireworks during an attack by a group of young Velociraptor, Biggs filmed with delight despite the danger.  When Alan Grant and the other scientists caught up, the teenagers stole one of the Humvees and drove off.

Joining Eric and Deborah Holland after a Carnotaurus had attacked their Humvee, he ran into a fissure with the others and caught video of Simon when he grabbed the camera bag instead of helping his brother Chris escape from the dinosaur.