Metriacanthosaurus “shangyouensis” (*) (S/F)

The “medium-spined reptile” was discovered in 1923 in Dorset, England by Friedrich von Huene and described by C. A. Walker in 1964. Metriacanthosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic Period about 161 to 158 million years ago. It was 10 and half meters (34.4ft) in length, 2 meters (7ft) in height at the hips, and 1 ton in weight. Metriacanthosaurus lived during the Aalenian and Bajocian epoch of the middle Jurassic 160 mya. It’s material was found in the Corallian Oolite Formation, England. M. parkeri was originally called Megalosaurus parkeri. Metriacanthosaurus is based on partial postcranial remains. Metriacanthosaurus belongs to the family Sinraptoridae.

Metriacanthosaurus can be found on Isla Nublar, though never witnessed on the tour. It could be seen listed on the JP Brochure Map found in the Ford Explorer tour vehicles and labeled on the embryo cold storage unit in the lab. Metriacanthosaurus may exist on Isla Sorna since InGen originally cloned dinosaurs there but no evidence as of yet proves that it still does.

Something else of interest is that Metriacanthosaurus was suggested by Jurassic Park Institute to actually might have been Yangchuanosaurus instead as in the Late 80s/Early 90s Yangchuanosaurus was considered to be a species of Metriacanthosaurus. Though the book suggests it is still possible that it is in fact M. parkeri present on the Jurassic Park islands. This can be found on page 95 of the “Jurassic Park Institute Dinosaur Field Guide“.